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Dorm Bath Storage

Dorm Bath Accessories

Being in your first living space away from mom and dad can be quite an adventure. Not only are you now responsible for everything from making your own meals to getting yourself up in the morning, sometimes you have to learn to share common spaces with those other than family, like sharing a shower or bathroom. One of the easier ways to do this seamlessly is to keep your items neat and organized. This way, you always have your own space, and you’ll also know where everything is. Look to PBteen for a wealth of different shower organizational items and dorm bath accessories to make your first living-away-from-home experience much easier.

A shower caddy is a great idea, especially if you’re short on space in the bathroom, and need to move your items in and out every time. A shower caddy also works well in a larger bathroom, separating your items while keeping them neat and organized. Choose from a variety of themes and designs that easily complement existing bath decor and make you feel happy just looking at them as you start your day. A toiletry or weekender case is also a great idea. Keep all of your items and toiletry accessories organized with a handled bag that you can easily take with you anywhere. Not just for the dorm or your room at home, this type of bag easily travels from place to place, and is great for taking trips too. Similarly, opt for a smaller-sized cosmetic bag as well to keep your makeup, hair products and other needed items together.

If you need extra space inside of the shower for your items, consider a hanging mesh caddy. Resistant to mold and mildew, this easy design allows you to place the caddy over a faucet or hooks so that you have easy access to your items when you bathe. Quick-drying and easy to use, you can move this type of caddy seamlessly in and out of the shower. Some of these items also come with the option of personalization, making them a great gift idea for friends for special occasions and holidays.

To maximize space in and out of the bathroom, consider a rolling storage cart or shower stand. Keep items easily at your fingertips while making the most of your available space. These types of carts roll easily from one room to another, or you can easily remove a single cubby or drawer to bring with you. Also consider over-the-door or ladder rack storage to help hang laundered clothes, store shoes and have a place to stow toiletries and accessories.