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Stylish window coverings that filter out light and sound.

Roman Shades + Valances

Roman Shades + Valances

When you’re decorating a room, it’s easy to focus on the big stuff as you plan the space. But some elements, including your window coverings, are too important to forget. From providing privacy and blocking out the sun to adding an extra splash of color and pattern to your room, curtains, blinds, valances and shades are an important part of your overall decor setup. PBteen offers a range of different window treatments, including Roman shades and valances that add a lot to your decor. If you want just a little bit of window coverage, choose a valance, which is shorter than your average curtain. To get all the benefits of slat blinds and fabric curtains in a single package, opt for Roman shades. Go ahead and combine the two for a more complete approach to window coverings.

Our selection of Roman shades and valances allows you to pick and choose the pieces that work best for your style. Before you select the window treatments you want, think carefully about the look you’re going for in your room. With a variety of colors and styles available, we make it easy for you to pick something that complements the decor you’ve selected. We offer subtle neutrals in addition to fun styles with embellishments such as pompoms and colorful trim, making it possible for you to coordinate your window treatments with your personal style.

Our shades and valances can stand on their own, but if you want to really give yourself maximum versatility and style, pair one of these types of window coverings with a sheer or opaque drape. This allows you to adjust the amount of light that comes into your room; for example, if you want to let a lot of light in during some parts of the day but keep it out at others, use a blackout Roman shade with sheer curtains on top. Match colors and styles or go for an eclectic look with a blend of different pieces with unifying elements such as color or pattern.

As you shop for your window treatments, give some thought to what kind of rug you’ll select for the space. If you want to put a bright, colorful rug in a room with a lot of other bright and cheery decor, choosing a solid curtain with subtle embellishment may be the best way to go. Conversely, if you plan to choose neutrals for most of the room, including the rug, you can make a definitive statement with a bright window valance or Roman shade. Using a bright colored valance in a room that has a lot of subtle color is an especially great idea if you have a window with a beautiful view. The valance will leave the view open to sight, and the color will naturally draw the eye over to that part of the room.

We make it easy for you to pick valances and Roman shades that match with the decor in the rest of your room. By focusing on a few versatile options, we make it easy for you to pick and choose with no need to worry about getting overwhelmed by choice. For a surefire way to make your windows look great, just choose a Roman shade in a color that matches elements from your bedding or couch. Focusing on the largest item in the room lets you stay consistent and make sure your room looks the way you want it to.

Whether you’re looking for Roman shades with blackout lining for your bedroom or you want a valance to add some interest to a window in your study or lounge area, we have plenty of options that will match with your own personal style. We offer a variety of colors and patterns in addition to different sizes so you can get exactly what you want for your windows.

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