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Stylish window coverings that filter out light and sound.

Roman Shades + Valances

Teen Valance and Shade Options

Decorating your windows with a teen valance and shade can enhance the look of the room while providing functional benefits. Whether your bedroom is designed in a traditional style or has modern decor, there are valances and shades at Pottery Barn Teen to match. These items can be paired with blackout drapes or sheer curtains for a coordinated look.

Choosing a Teen Valance and Shade

Valances and shades are two items for windows that impart style and add privacy. A valance is made to hang at the top of the window and often matches the drapes or curtains, while a shade is hung underneath the curtains. You can hang a valance, shade and curtains together for a polished look that appears professionally designed.

When shopping for a valance, you'll find various options available. For example, you may want to consider the Emily & Meritt striped valance, which matches the curtains from the same brand. It has a look reminiscent of a resort cabana to impart luxe flair to your space.

Choosing a shade for your window is simple because Pottery Barn Teen has several stylish choices available. There are shades that have liners, so they completely block light. When it comes to the look, you'll find shades in solid colors and those with eye-catching patterns.

Adding Curtains or Drapes

Create a stylish look by adding sheer curtains or opaque drapes to your windows. If you love a layered look, consider hanging a Roman shade, topped with sheers and blackout curtains as the finishing touch. Or, you can pair a valance with floaty sheers and use a Roman shade to block light, so you won't need opaque drapes. Dressing your windows is a great way to reflect your sense of style while adding a put-together look to the room.

When it comes to the colors of your curtains and drapes, layering them also lets you create various effects. For example, if you like a monochromatic look, layer window treatments that are the same color. If a dramatic look is your style, choose light-colored sheers with dark drapes for plenty of contrast.

Window Accessories and Hardware

You may want to pick up some window accessories when shopping for a teen valance. Pottery Barn Teen has several styles of curtain rods, along with decorative finials. A finial is a removable piece that fits on the end of a curtain rod to impart a stylish look. There are crystal-look finials, finials in classic solid colors and even those adorned with sparkling beads. They come in pairs, so you'll have one for each end.