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Stylish window coverings that filter out light and sound.

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All Window Coverings

Your bedroom should be your safe haven, a place where you can pull the curtains, shut out the outside world and just relax, and there are some easy things you can add to your room that help you achieve that kind of peaceful state. The window dressings you choose are more than just a visual barrier between your bedroom and the outside world, they are also part of your room’s decor. At PBteen, we understand how important it is for you to be able to express yourself while maintaining your privacy. Our selection of curtains, drapes and shades lets you choose from a variety of styles and patterns that can help you create your own private oasis.

Do you need total darkness to sleep well? If light filtering in through your window keeps you awake at night or when you just need a nap, blackout drapes provide a solution to that problem. Blackout drapes have a special lining that keeps unwanted light out of your room. Whether you prefer chevron in vibrant colors, color blocking, plaids, paisley or classic neutral-toned drapery styles, we’ve got blackout drapes to give you the style you want and the window coverage you need. These lined window dressings are heavier than unlined curtains, and typically require sturdier window hardware than a standard lightweight curtain rod.

To give your room a light and airy look, while still maintaining your privacy, a pair of sheer curtains can cover your window while letting you enjoy the benefit of natural light from outdoors. Sheers can be lacy and white, or vibrantly colored to match a soft shag rug and add a bohemian flair to your room. We also offer sheers made from thin white fabric that is decorated with your choice of a soft vintage pattern, colorful polka dots or pompoms around the outer edges to add a slightly retro flair to your bedroom.

If privacy isn’t an issue, but you still like the visual effect a curtain gives your room, hanging a valance is a way to create the finished look. You can leave the window below the valance exposed to let in the maximum amount of light. While a valance can serve as a standalone window dressing piece in your room, you can add blinds under the valance as a way to have privacy when you want it and let light in at other times. To add to the open-air sensation you get from uncovered, valance-topped windows, and to create the illusion of wide open spaces, you can also add a nature-themed mural to your wall.

Our collection of Roman shades lets you add a simple, classic design that adds beauty while letting your wall hangings and decor – which might include your own art work – take center stage. You can choose from our selection of geometric patterns and neutral tones, striking mini-dots or vibrant colors that match the other furnishings in your room. Our Roman shades are cordless, so just pull the shade down to cover the window, and give it a tug to raise it. The cloth lined with blackout material compresses into folds as it opens up your window space to let light in.

Feel like royalty sleeping in a bohemian palace or chilling out in a plush window seat by suspending a canopy that drapes over the head of your bed or seating. A canopy lets you create a private or semi-private space in a room with more than one occupant, and boho decor pieces on your walls add to the free spirited effect. The folds of flowing fabric surround you to create a private oasis so you can write, sing or just enjoy privacy in a shared room or add a nice effect in a room of your own. When you want to open the space, simply tie back the sides of the canopy’s fabric and keep enjoying the exotic appearance the canopy creates.