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Clearance Accessories

Take advantage of our clearance accessories inventory and canvas your space with wall art that emanates your likes and personality. Let your travels take shape on your bedroom walls and express your affection for different locales with three-dimensional paintings. Whether you choose domestic venues, such as New York or California, or go beyond the borders of the United States to locales like Paris, let everyone know where have trekked. Maybe you prefer to show others that you are proud of the area of the U.S. that you call home while living on the opposite coast. In those cases, bring along a canvas with you to your dorm room that unmistakably articulates scenes from home.

Let positive sayings inspire you each time you glance in your mirror with a looking glass that always remembers to leave you with an encouraging message. With one in your bathroom and another planted on your bedroom wall, always leave your space feeling positive. Keep the theme of these sentiments with wall letters or other decor pieces that express short yet powerful messages that get you through even the toughest of days.

Trying to decide what to do with that empty wall space this is crying out for some decoration? Fill it with paneled artwork from us at PBteen that features several pieces - enough for the entire area. With several canvases that differ in size and come together with grommets, you have wall gallery that expresses a theme. If the motif is warm water and surfing, then complement the collection with other paintings that display your love for the surfboard and blue water. Enhance your passion even more by exhibiting your board and other surfing accessories near the artwork in that corner of the room, making for a superb conversation piece whenever someone enters.

Put blank wall space to use in a modestly sized room and allow your trinkets to be on display. With a shelf that provides several platforms for storing or holding items, keep your desk clear for study materials and your computer. Shelving made of wrought iron provides plenty of strength to hold the wooden artwork you picked up in the Caribbean or the ceramic statues you collected from Asia. Store books, desk essentials, electronic devices, your favorite cocoa mug or any other collectibles on the wall shelf, leaving your tabletops tidy.

Keep everyone in the house or dorm building apprised of your schedule with a dry-erase board attached to your door. Write messages about your comings and goings and let others leave you notes as well. With decals included with the board, you can attach, move and reattach them anywhere on the door, giving you have extra space for writing memos.