Pillows + Throws

Clearance Pillows and Throws

When there is a clearance on pillows and throws, it’s a terrific time to update your room with new, affordable accessories. Adding pillows to your bed makes it more comfortable when you are reading, catching up on the computer or just propping up to watch TV. The pillows are an easy way to create some definition and personality to the room. Browse through our large collection at PBteen and find what you like best. Choose a few bohemian-style pillows, such as fringed or with faux fur for texture. Alternatively, go for a monogrammed pillow or one with inspiring sayings on it. Shake it up a little by mixing and matching round and square pillows or contrasting colors that pop.

You can also place a decorative throw across the back of a desk chair in your room to add color. It will also come in handy when you want to take a nap or watch a movie marathon. Coordinate colors to go with the pillows and other colors you want to bring out. Warm chamois, luxurious velvet and organic weaves are gorgeous and soft to the touch. Sports-themed throws are good for the athletes and the athletically minded. Collegiate team throws are available for college fans. In fact, you will probably want to take one of your throws with you when you head off to college.

To dress up your bedroom, consider using a shabby chic canopy above your bed for an elegant statement. It will make your bed the focal point. You’ll feel like royalty drifting off to sleep under a billowy canopy. Drape a string of lights above your headboard for magical lighting. The string of lights emits a soft light and can hang on the wall gracefully. It will seem like the stars in the sky are hovering above you as you drift off into dreamland. When you wake up in the morning, you are still beneath your storybook canopy.

A scalloped bed skirt completes the regal vibe in the room. The cotton canvas fabric is beautiful with split panels around the corners, so it hangs neatly. The bed skirt will also hide items you might need to store under your bed to keep your room looking tidy. Low-rising storage bins and baskets are great containers to store out-of-season clothes, extra blankets and future books to read. Stow them away under your bed and pull them out when you need them.