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Free Shipping

Whether you’re accessorizing your bedroom, stocking up on supplies for a trip to the beach or are thinking about heading back to school, at PBteen we have everything you need to stay organized, stay on top of things and be comfortable while doing it. From luxurious bath towels that help make your bath feel like a spa to organizational tools to keep your room, locker and toiletries in order, there’s something for everyone to help make life a little easier. Whether you’re heading off to college or still at home, your budget may be a concern, so there are plenty of sale opportunities, from clearance to flash sales, to make shopping a little easier. In addition to a sale, free shipping is also an everyday value available for many items within our pages. Shop everything from backpacks to beach towels without having to worry about shipping costs.

If you find your jewelry is in a mess on the top of your dresser, there are a few jewelry storage accessories to help keep your pieces organized and detangled. Opt for countertop jewelry boxes that also add decorative accents to your dresser or vanity, or consider a wall jewelry holder so you never have to worry about tangled necklaces and bracelets ever again. There are also counter jewelry holders and stands that work well to hang dangling items.

If it’s time to reorganize and redecorate your space a little bit, there are plenty of free shipping items to help brighten up your room. Choose from tapestries and wall hangings to personalize your space. With options that range from your favorite band’s logo to a personalized and monogrammed tapestry, there are a few ways to wake up your walls. Desk organizers and wall calendars help you stay organized, but also add fun and flair to your walls. You can also add string lights or other decorations for a joyful look.

There are many types of available towels eligible for free shipping as well. Whether you need a new bath or hand towel for your bathroom, or a new beach towel is calling your name, choose from a myriad of styles and colors to match your tastes and your current decor. Many other beauty and beach accessories are also available to make your summer a hit.

Whether you’re going on a road trip for summer vacation or you’re thinking about heading back to school, there are many opportunities to save on luggage and backpacks. Opt for rolling backpacks that are versatile enough to work well for both school and play, or choose a new duffel bag for gym and beach outings. Over-the-shoulder backpacks also work well for a variety of occasions, and many of the choices also offer customization and monogramming, allowing you to personalize your own backpack or give a thoughtful gift to someone else. Add a matching homework holder to complete the look, and also to keep your school papers organized.

When it comes to organization, there are quite a few storage solutions to keep your items handy, in order and close by. Look for storage bins or hampers that organize everything from important papers to soiled clothes. Great for your room or a college dorm room, choose matching styles to coordinate with other desktop items in your room. A closet organizer is also a great idea to keep your clothes neat and tidy.

At the end of the day, one of your main goals is to relax, and the more pillows you have, the merrier. Shop a large selection of throw pillows, bed pillows and throws to add both comfort and cheer to your space. From plain, elegant throw pillows to those with cool phrases, such as “Create Your Own Sunshine,” there’s definitely a pillow to suit everyone’s taste.