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Jewelry is such a fabulous fashion accessory. The right necklace or bracelet can make an entire outfit. Often, jewelry items have sentimental value, especially when you received them as a gift or as a hand-me-down from a relative. To hang onto these relics, it’s important to keep them in a safe place. Protect all of your jewelry in jewelry trees, boxes or other holders. With free shipping on jewelry storage, now is a good time to find what works best for your needs. To keep necklaces separated, try storing them on jewelry trees where they dangle on branches. Keeping them apart makes it easier to choose which one you want to wear without having to dig through several at one time. Some of the jewelry trees are decorative rattan wall hangings with hooks. This means that they look great on the wall and they’re very functional too. Others, like a pinwheel-design tabletop jewelry tree, fit nicely on a bedroom dresser. A small treasure chest or mirrored tray is ideal for holding rings and spare change. Place one by your bedside table for convenience. Just before you fall asleep, you might want to remove your rings. They’ll be right there waiting for you when you wake up.

To store an assortment of jewelry, check out the heirloom, soft shibori and gypsy wrangler jewelry boxes that we have at PBteen. They can keep your sorority or fraternity pins safely inside. Large bangle bracelets can rest next to charm bracelets, toe rings and hoop earrings while everything stays organized and its place. Hang a mirror close by for a little primping and maybe one last look before heading out the door. That way, you’ll know for sure that your pin is on straight, your monogrammed necklace is facing the right way and your earrings are dazzling.

Don’t forget your sunglasses on a sunny day. You can store your pairs of sunglasses on a cool sunglasses holder to prevent scratches and smudges. There’s no more risk of leaving them in a chair where they might get broken. With the holder, you can look at a quick glance and choose which pair to wear for the day. An acrylic or tech table placed by the door is an ideal place to keep the sunglasses holder and a catchall for your keys and student ID. The tables are small enough not to take up much floor space yet big enough to keep essentials by the door.