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You’ve seen the picture-perfect rooms in magazines and online. You love the way colors flow, lines intersect and how each piece has a precise place. It’s easy to get excited about scenes like that, and they give you inspiration for customizing your bedroom. Does that mean that you have to measure and plan for a long time to enjoy a gorgeous vista? Not at all. You don’t need to follow any scientific method when you accessorize spaces or add accent pieces to a room. Your heart, mind and imagination are more than enough for amazing results. That way you end up with a place you fall in love with again and again. At PBteen, we get excited about decorating, and we know you do too. Our sale on pillows and throws provides many opportunities to express yourself artistically throughout your room.

Color affects a room in many ways. It has the power to create emotions. For example, like the way you can’t help but smile after seeing bright orange, lime green and other tropical hues. It evokes faraway destinations too. Deep browns and greens are extremely soothing, but that’s not all: they also make a space seem like it’s located somewhere in eastern Asia, together with ancient stone carvings, gentle waterfalls and koi ponds.

Throws and decorative pillows are well suited to adding exactly the tones you want to a room. Why? For one thing, they’re just the right size. They give you a strong pop of color without overpowering it. That lets you use extremely bright hues that you might not paint your walls. The effect is exciting and vibrant spaces that follow whatever color palette that you want. The best part is that, if you feel like mixing the color theme around a bit, it’s as effortless as switching accent pillows.

If you have neutral bedding, there is no limit to the colors with which you can play around. With a light gray duvet, for example, you can opt to decorate with several shades of blue accent pillows and a crimson or green throw folded across the end of the bed. Alternatively, try a split-complementary grouping with several types of pillows in yellow, purple and lime or magenta. These themes with multiple colors have a modern and artistic vibe.

What size of pillows should you get for a bed or chair? That’s totally up to you. Think of having various sizes as just another tool in your interior design bag. You can decide whether you want a bed with pillows of uniform size or if you want some larger and smaller touches too. There are no limits. In fact, you don’t even need to worry how big your furniture is; oversized pillows in a reading nook are very chic.

To fold or not to fold your favorite throw? Again, both styles are beautiful. Folding a blanket or throw into a neat rectangle gives you several options as it fits traditional, minimalist, retro and vintage backdrops. Some people like to drape a folded throw straight down the center of a chair while others prefer to leave it off to one side. If you prefer to just toss a blanket or throw, which is called a throw for a reason, haphazardly onto your bed, go for it. Doing that adds an informal and warm ambience to the space. This is especially true with fuzzy throws like faux fur.

There are no rules for how many decorative pillows or throws to use in a bedroom. Whatever looks best to you is right for your space. If you choose just a few, the room takes on an open and fresh feel. The two or three accents you use shine especially brightly in this kind of layout. If you want to pack furniture from floor to ceiling with tons of pillows and throws, that’s a possibility too. In that case, your space feels familiar and friendly.

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