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Sleepovers are awesome. You get to spend time with your friends, have fun and just chill. And since the only rule of a sleepover is that there are zero rules, you can totally be yourself. PBteen helps you get ready for the party, whether you’re hosting it or heading to a friend’s house. Here are a couple of things that are a big help.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are really easy to carry around and don’t weigh much, which makes them perfect when visiting friends. Look for something comfy, so you get a good night’s sleep and have tons of energy for the next day. You also want to stay warm. If you’re camping in the backyard, a toasty sleeping bag is even more important. And, of course, pick out something that’s stylish. Show off your personality with bright colors and cool motifs.

PJs + Robes

It’s easy to stay comfortable during a sleepover with a pair of PJs. They’re really soft, which helps you relax. Don’t be afraid to fly your favorite colors and designs for everyone to see. Actually, having a bunch of matching PJs is fun and makes everyone feel closer together. When you’re really cold, a onesie – with a big hood – keeps you extra toasty. When giving each other manicures or doing your hair, wearing a plush robe makes things elegant and informal.

Cosmetic + Toiletry Bags

Just because you’re chilling doesn’t mean you can’t look great. With a cosmetic bag, you keep your fashion arsenal nearby for retouching your makeup or getting ready for a late night shopping trip together. Toiletry bags are practical, since they hold small containers of toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, soap and any other shower items you need at someone else’s house.

Duffles + Totes

Everyone packs differently. Some like to bring along a bunch of shirts and jeans and make up outfits as the opportunity presents itself. If that’s you, take a duffle bag. It has lots of space and large pockets inside and out where you keep snacks and gadgets. Others prefer packing light and just tossing together a couple changes of clothes. In that case, a tote takes up minimum space.


If you love spending time with people, chances are this sleepover won’t be the last. With a futon or sleeper, your best friend stays whenever you want, no invitation necessary. Got too late after finishing your movie? No problem. Just unroll the futon and now you have a whole bed for guests. In the meantime, it doubles as a thick couch or chaise for reading or studying more comfortably.