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Study Spaces

When you have studying to do, you want to be comfortable. When you’re able to relax and really hone in on your studying, chances are you’ll retain a lot more information. In addition to comfort, having an organized space can even be motivational, and it definitely lets you get more work done because you can easily find everything you need and you have enough room to spread your books, papers and electronics out. At PBteen we understand that whether you simply have a corner of your bedroom available to you or a complete separate room in which to study, there are ways to use the space to your advantage, creating a study area you’re comfortable in so you’re able to excel.

If you have plenty of wall space, opt for a desk that has room above it to attach cubbyholes against the wall. This not only gives you a lot of desk space in which to do homework, but all of your items can be neatly organized and placed in one of the cubbies. All of the cubbyholes don’t have to be all about business, either – add photographs, mementos and things that are important to you to help personalize your study space.

If you have a bit of floor space available to you, an L-shaped desk gives you an expansive surface to add your computer monitor, speakers, keyboard and other accessories you need to study. You can also attach a hutch to part of the desk to extend your space into the wall. Similar to the cubbyhole idea, this gives you some extra space to put decorations and supplies. With this type of setup, you can easily add an ergonomic computer desk chair to help get you through the long hours of studying. Choose one that is not only comfortable, but shows off your personality, such as a chair with faux fur or bright and bold stripes.

Themes are also important when it comes to decorating your study space. Once you have the desk and furniture squared away, decide on a theme. You might opt for a sporty theme, with sports decorations and posters surrounding you on the walls. If you have a hectic schedule, adding a pinboard or calendar is a great way to ensure you stay organized. If you’re a music lover, you can turn part of your desk into a music station, so that your tunes are always ready to go as you study. Choose colors and themes that complement your existing decor, or contrast colors for an eclectic, bold look.