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Bathroom Storage for Teens

Teen Bathroom Storage

Keeping all of your items organized and stored neatly in the bathroom is a must, especially if you want a stress- and hassle-free morning as you get ready for school or work. With storage solutions such as shower caddies, portable shelving units and cubbies, you can easily keep all of your toiletries, accessories and needs organized, even when traveling from the bedroom to bathroom with your items. Shop PBteen for a wide selection of teen bathroom storage ideas that are sure to make getting ready for any event a cinch.

Whether you’re trying to figure out the intricacies of dorm storage and sharing a small space with others, or you’re still living at home, fighting for space between mom and dad and siblings, getting organized might be easy, but staying organized may be more difficult. That’s why there are quite a few solutions to keep all of your toiletry items and accessories in check. Consider a rolling storage cart to help keep everything together. This type of portable cart can be wheeled easily from room to room, allowing you to keep all your items in your bedroom, and then wheel them to the bathroom if you need to. Also, if you have a spacious bathroom, you can wheel this type of cart around the room as necessary. With space offerings of three to five drawers, you can safely stow items such as makeup, hair irons, jewelry, sponges and more.

You can also opt for beauty shelves. These versatile shelves work well either in your bathroom or bedroom and are incredibly easy to mount to the wall. Offering space for makeup and toiletries, brushes, combs and other needs, these shelves go perfectly under a vanity mirror or above a towel rack for easy access. You also have the choice of several portable beauty organizers. Similar to a jewelry box in style, some of these desktop organizers even have drawer space for smaller items such as jewelry. Many of these organizers also come with the benefit of personalization, making them a wonderful gift for a friend or sibling. A desktop vanity is also a wonderful idea. Because it comes complete with a mirror, you can place this organizer right on top of your desk or vanity. This will provide you with a place to do your hair, makeup or simply check your look.

Clothes storage can often be a mountain to climb, especially if you’re sharing the room with a sibling or a roommate. Look for different organizers that work well in both the bed and bath. Over-the-door or ladder storage options can be used for many things. Use over-the-door organizers in your closet to store shoes, or use them in the bathroom for makeup and toiletries. Ladder storage gives you a great place to hang clothes to dry, or you can easily hang baskets from the rungs, giving you a great place to stow your accessories. If you need a place to store dirty clothes, pop-up hampers are a great and tidy idea. Store them when not in use, and simply pop them up to go to the laundry room. Most laundry bags and organizers also give the option of monogramming or personalization.

There are quite a few shower caddy options as well, allowing you to carry soap, shampoo and other needs from room to room. Or you can use small shower caddies as beauty organizers. Many of these pieces are extremely versatile for use in a number of different situations, making them ideal for not just the bathroom, but for the bedroom, dorm or as travel options.

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