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2 DIY Mother's Day Gifts
Your Mom Will Love

PBteen is here to help with some inspirational homemade gifts for mom. This year, you can feel great about what to get mom for Mother's day and spend your time making something you know she'll love.


Cute Cupcake Bouquet

This baking and craft DIY project is a fun blend of popular Mother's Day gifts for moms who love sweets and flowers. The twist here is that you'll arrange your cupcakes in a plant pot to create a faux flower bush that’s as tasty as it is unique. To get started, gather a plant pot, a piece of floral foam that fits in the pot, bamboo skewers and green tissue paper, plus a batch of cupcakes decorated to look like flowers. You can use any flavor of cake or icing you'd like, and the floral decor is also up to you. It’s also a great idea to pick up some cupcakes at your local bakery and decorate them using piping bags filled with colorful frosting.


To assemble your blooming cupcake gift, insert the floral foam into the bottom of the pot and cover it with bunched tissue paper to make it look like grass. Then, use your bamboo skewers to stick your cupcakes into the floral foam. There you have it! For a sweet finishing touch, dress up this tasty bouquet by securing a bright ribbon around the plant pot.


Beautiful Bath Bombs

With their colorful looks and fantastic fizz, bath bombs seem elaborate, but they're actually surprisingly easy to make at home. If your mom loves to relax, a basket of custom-made bath bombs featuring her favorite colors and scents is a DIY Mother's Day present she’ll love. Here's what you'll need:


- 8 oz. baking soda

- 4 oz. citric acid

- 4 oz. corn starch

- 4 oz. Epsom salts

- 3/4 tsp. water

- 2 tsp. essential oils of your choice (lavender, vanilla and jasmine are nice options)

- 1 tsp. moisturizing oil (jojoba or almond oils work well)

- 1/8 tsp. food coloring

- Bath bomb molds or ice cube trays in the size of your choice (you can choose larger molds if your mom has a big bathtub)

- 1 large and 1 small glass or metal mixing bowl


As you're picking out your food coloring and scents, think about what your mom loves. You can find almost any scent in an essential oil, but try to limit citrus oils to keep her skin feeling soothed.


To make the bombs, mix the first four dry ingredients together in a clean, dry bowl. Mix them thoroughly; it might help to use a whisk or a slotted spoon to blend everything. Then, combine your wet ingredients in the small bowl and add them to the dry. Mix until you reach the consistency of wet sand. If the mixture doesn't pack easily into your molds or trays, add a tiny bit more water and stir. Snap the molds together, let them dry and that's it! When you're all done, you can package the bombs in a pretty basket that doubles as a gift container and storage. Your mom will absolutely love your crafting skills!