How To Decorate Your Bedroom
With Eco-Friendly Products

Incorporating your love of the planet into your bedroom space means you get to explore your personal style while highlighting just how important "being green" is to you. Your bedroom is likely the main part of the house you get to call your own, so it makes sense that you want to put your own decorating stamp on the space. PBteen offers plenty of options that let you decorate the room according to your own style while still doing your part to use natural, eco-friendly and energy-saving items.




Changing your bedding is one of the easiest ways to incorporate eco-friendly items into your bedroom. An organic mattress is a definite way to go green, but you don’t have to completely go all-out with your changes to make an impact. Organic sheet sets and an organic quilt or duvet color also ensure that your sleep space is free of pesticides, chemicals and synthetic materials. While some organic items are made in more neutral tones, there are also many pieces that come in bright colors and styles that reflect your favorite things. If you don’t see any organic bedding that speaks to you, opt for natural materials such as wool or linen.



Your furniture choices have a big style impact on your room, so this is an area where your decorating sense can really shine. For furniture that is eco-friendly, look for natural, sustainably harvested wood or bamboo pieces. When you’re considering painted or stained items, make sure they’ve been painted with VOC-free paint. If you can, work with a parent to look through your house to see what you already have so you can also consider recycling or repurposing an older item that may not be in use anymore.



LED lights are far more efficient than incandescent bulbs, so switching out your old lightbulbs instantly makes a room brighter while saving energy. LEDs are extremely popular, which means that making this lighting switch is easy. You can do it with almost any lighting fixture, giving you free reign to still choose the lamps you love.



If you find you frequently feel chilly during the winter months or you have the constant desire to crank the heat, use an area rug on the floor. A large rug makes the room feel cozier while it keeps heat from moving out into the rest of your house. Area rugs come in an endless selection of colors and designs to fit any decorating taste. For a real environmentally friendly look, choose a rug made from a natural or renewable material such as wool, sisal or hemp. Looking to create an eclectic effect? Try layering several different rugs with varying shapes and sizes to get a look that’s warm and colorful.




Changing the paint color is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to decorate your room, but ask your parents about using VOC-free paint to cut down on harmful chemicals. Another option is to use milk paint, which is a more natural choice and doesn’t contain many of the harmful fungicides and chemicals found in traditional paints. You can use these options even if you’re painting a piece of furniture. Remember to keep any painting area well-ventilated and store the paint properly when you’re finished.



Window Treatments

Your room will really feel complete when you add window treatments, and finding eco-friendly options is easy to do. To keep your space private and dark when you feel like sleeping in, opt for natural blinds or shades made from materials such as bamboo, sisal or jute. Pull your whole decorating look together with curtains made from cotton, hemp or linen, all of which come in a variety of bright colors and patterns to complement your bedroom look.


Go Green

Take the phrase “going green” to heart by adding a few plants to your room. Plants not only look good, but they clean the air by trapping pollutants and carbon dioxide. Some plants, such as lavender and orchids, release pleasant scents that are calming and relaxing. Plus, with a fresh-smelling plant, you have a natural air freshener in your space.


Turning your bedroom into an eco-friendly space doesn’t have to be an elaborate overhaul unless you want it to be. Even a few simple changes like swapping out lightbulbs or choosing the right set of sheets can have a big impact on the earth while giving you the freedom to decorate as you see fit.