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From free decorating advice to custom floor plans, our Design Crew is here to help you in stores, online and on the phone.

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How It Works

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  2. Meet Your Designer

    Tell your designer all about your style ands space. Meet online or in your home — you choose!

  3. Get Free Expert Advice

    Your designer will offer ideas and create a design or floor plan for your space, your way.

  4. Enjoy Your Space

    From placing orders to delivery, our Design Crew will help you bring your plan to life.

Meet The Crew

Get to know a few of our talented Design Crew designers.

  • Luis Perez

    Luis Perez

    Luis has a strong affinity for art and design. As a designer, his main goal is to create custom spaces that clients love with the variety of styles Pottery Barn Teen has to offer. He strives for his designs to transcend time and grow with his clients.

  • Nadia Saleh

    Nadia Saleh

    Nadia grew up with a passion for design and has been a designer with the company for four years. She loves helping clients create their ultimate space by designing rooms that represent each individual's unique style and personality.

  • Marsia Schuster

    Marsia Schuster

    Marsia helps clients create the space they've always dreamed of and draws her creative inspiration from interior designer, David Bromstad. She's embracing her artistic career path and is currently majoring in Design at Cal State Long Beach.

  • Stacy Mayuga

    Stacy Mayuga

    Stacy loves designing with Pottery Barn Teen because there are so many styles for clients to choose from. She's known for creating a fun, special and memorable in-home experience to ensure clients achieve their dream space.

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Before & After

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"My new room is better than (my brothers) because everything is exactly how I want it. I wouldn't change it at all. This room is just me."



Check out a few common questions about our services.

  • What if I don't live near a Pottery Barn Teen store?

    No problem! We would love to assist you via phone or email.

  • Am I limited to purchasing Pottery Barn Teen products only?

    Not at all! We can help you find exactly what you need from our entire family of brands.

  • How long does the whole process take?

    Once we have all the information about your style and space, we can create a design plan for you within an hour.

  • I don't have a lot of spare time to meet, what are my options?

    We completely understand and can be incredibly flexible by working with you via email or phone at your convenience.

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