Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Teens

Easter egg hunts are just as fun for you as they are for younger kids! While you may be ready for a bigger search now that you’re older, it’s still exciting to celebrate Easter, and PBteen can help you get the best of both worlds with these Easter egg hunt ideas for teenagers. These inspirational ideas will help you plan a successful Easter egg hunt for all of your friends, family members or classmates. If you need some help planning, you can ask your friends to join in or get your parents’ support – they can help handle some of the details so everyone comes together to prepare for the fun!


Make It a Scavenger Hunt

If you have a lot of room to work with – like a gymnasium or school playfield, for example – consider making your egg hunt into a teen Easter scavenger hunt. Instead of hiding the eggs in places anyone might come across them, try placing them in completely hidden, hard-to-find or unusual locations. For example, if your egg hunt venue has a refrigerator, you might hide a plastic Easter egg inside an egg carton in the fridge. Fill each plastic egg with a clue that leads to the next egg’s hiding spot.

Once you have your guest list made and know who’s coming, organize your guests into teams and assign each team a color – this color represents the eggs they’re responsible for finding. You can use different hiding places for each team’s eggs, and you can start the hunt by giving each team an egg with their first clue inside. As the teams find their eggs in unusual places such as inside of a gym shower stall or behind a plant on a shelf, they’ll get more clues that help them progress toward the final egg. Sweeten the deal by using chocolate egg candies to serve as each team’s final egg.


Get Glowed Up

A nighttime Easter egg hunt can be even more exciting than taking place during the day. But there’s a twist to this plan: you’ll use glow sticks or battery-powered LED candles to make the eggs light up and shine out in the darkness. You can also use this idea for an indoor Easter egg hunt with the lights turned down.

The glowing eggs will be as visible as regular eggs in daylight, and you can up the search factor by picking secret hiding spots that are a fun challenge (but not impossible!) to find. It can help to get organized before the sun goes down and identify different places to hide the eggs. In fact, if your glow stick or LED candle has a long life, you can put the light-up eggs in place in the afternoon and set the hunt to start after sunset. One thing to remember as you hide: keep track of where you put them all so no egg is left behind!


Egg Race Challenge

If you and your friends feel like taking part in some workout-worthy outdoor activity, it’s easy to make your egg hunt into a sport by putting some new ideas in place. The main idea behind the egg race is to get your egg hunting guests to run around as quickly as possible to collect all of the hidden eggs. You can hide the eggs like you normally would around a lawn, garden or field, but here’s the twist: egg hunters can only pick up and carry one egg at a time.

To make this a smooth process, give each egg hunter a basket with their name on it at the starting line. Have everyone line up, then yell “GO!” With a time limit in place – maybe 5 or 10 minutes depending on how big your hunting area is and how many guests you have – everyone will be scrambling to pick up eggs, carry them back to their baskets and dash out to find more. The person with the most eggs in their basket when the time clock runs out is the winner, and you can give him or her a special prize-filled Easter basket as a reward!