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How to Pack a Beach Bag: Beach Bag Essentials

Are you ready for some fun in the surf and sun? Let PBteen help you figure out what to bring to the beach. Packing your beach bag essentials helps you make sure your day at the beach is fun, comfortable and memorable. It can be tempting to bring a lot of stuff with you, but it helps to focus on what you’ll use most. Whether you plan to surf or just hang out on the sand with friends, consider these suggestions the next time you’re gearing up to hit the beach.


Pick the Right Bag

Step one is super simple but also quite important. You’ll want to make sure you have a great bag to bring with you to the beach. Picking out convenient carryalls for your needs can help you stay focused on beach bag essentials without going overboard or leaving out anything you really need to have. From backpacks to totes, there are plenty of options to consider. It helps to make sure the bag you pick out is large enough for everything you want to put in it but still easy to tote out with you onto a sandy beach. A bag with several pockets is especially handy.


You Have It Covered

If you’re going to a beach that doesn’t have any chairs or other places to sit, add a large beach towel just for sitting on or blanket to your bag. Having a nice plush blanket or towel to sit on can make your day at the beach much more comfortable. If you’re going to the beach with a large group of friends, it helps to remind them to bring along something to sit on too so you can all have enough room to spread out while you relax.


Stay Comfortable

Beach days might mean a natural look without hair products or makeup, but it’s still a good idea to bring along some personal care items in a small toiletries bag. Include sunscreen, extra hair ties if you need them and SPF lip balm to prevent sunburn. You can also store these items in a waterproof pouch inside your bag so it’s easy to keep track of everything in one spot.


Make a Change

If you aren’t quite sure what your plans are after the beach, or if you know you’re going to get some food or hang out at a friend’s place after your day on the shore, pack a change of clothes in your beach bag. Even if it’s just a beach cover-up or a spare T-shirt, it’s a good idea to have something dry to change into. If the beach you’re going to is in a chilly area, you might want to pack a hoodie and some pants so you can stay warm after you have fun – or if you’re planning to enjoy a bonfire later.


Refresh Yourself

Surfing, swimming and walking on the beach are all fun activities that can make you surprisingly hungry! Whether you’re going to the beach for a couple of hours or you plan to stay all day, it’s a good idea to pack some food into a container to put into your bag. There are some good insulated bags available to try so you can keep something like a sandwich or some hummus and carrots cool while you hang out. If you’re using a small bag, it might be easier to go with something that you don’t need to refrigerate, like peanut butter on crackers or some popcorn.

No matter how long you’re planning to stay at the beach, it’s also important to bring a bottle of water to drink. With an eco-friendly reusable water bottle, you can always have what you need to stay hydrated right in your bag. Being out in the sun for even a few minutes can make anyone thirsty, and with a well-stocked bag, you can stay comfortable, refreshed and happy during your day at the beach.