5 Tips For Desk Organization

One of the keys to staying focused on your work is maintaining a neat and organized desk. Keeping this space clean can boost your productivity, helping you get through your study sessions faster and more effectively. When you have piles of papers and small items all over your workspace, it's easy to get a bit distracted. Set yourself up for a successful and productive school year by cleaning up your desk. At PBteen, we've put together these five desk organization tips to help you keep your workspace neat and orderly.

Make Sure Everything Has A Place

Stacks of papers, pencils and other supplies sitting on top are only natural when you're working hard, but once you're done with work for the time being, it's important to put everything back where it belongs. This way, you have a blank slate for your next study session and can concentrate on work, not searching for a protractor or eraser. Our decorative desk accessories are designed to keep small items in order and in one place so they're easy to locate. They come in several fun designs to help decorate your desk and give it a touch of your personality too. When everything has its own spot, straightening up is easy.

Clear Up Clutter

Sometimes your desk becomes a landing pad when you enter your bedroom, and you place books, electronics, toys and anything else that doesn't have a spot elsewhere on the desktop because it's accessible. Keep your desk clutter to a minimum by adding a bookshelf to your study area. This helps you keep your books and papers organized in one place so that you can clear the clutter from your desktop and keep your study essentials within reach. Use one empty shelf as a staging area for extra items instead of setting them down on your desk.

Create More Storage Space

If you don't have a lot of storage space in your room or around your desk, it's time to creatively craft more. Place small items in a bin or basket and slide them on one of your shelves, and be sure to label the basket so you know what it holds. Choose a few low-profile bins that fit under your bed and take advantage of that space too. These options keep infrequently used items out of the way, helping you concentrate on important schoolwork.

Make Use Of Your Wall Space

Part of your wall's real estate is probably allocated to fun posters and artwork, but this is also one area where there might be some unused square footage around your desk. Take advantage of this vertical space and opt for storage that is both functional and decorative to provide some pizzazz while keeping you organized. A bulletin board is perfect for keeping small notes, phone numbers and other little pieces of paper within view but off your desk. Hanging baskets and bins keep your space looking spiffy while creating additional storage for power cords, beauty products and art supplies.

Keep Work And Play Separate

Your desk should reflect your personality and style, but it's important to eliminate distractions so you can focus on work you need to get done too. Keep pictures, concert tickets and other mementos off your desktop and on a cheery pinboard that hangs on your wall. Dedicate this board solely to fun photos and memories while using your bulletin board for important reminders and a calendar. With these helpful tips in mind, you'll be zipping through homework and enjoying an orderly desk in no time.

5 Tips For Desk Organization