Corralling College Clutter:
How To Organize Your Dorm Room

Your dorm room might be a tad smaller than your bedroom at home, which means it's essential to keep everything organized and accessible. When all your belongings have a place, you can easily find what you need without turning the space upside-down searching for that stray textbook. While it's simple to keep your workspace in order with a smart desk organizer, it's time to have fun getting a bit more creative with the rest of your room. Fortunately, PBteen has a number of storage essentials and tips to maximize your usable space while keeping your room packed with personality.

Keep Things Under Your Bed

Keep your floor space open and inviting by tucking away some storage solutions out of sight. Slide several storage bins under the bed to make it easier to access seasonal clothes, shoes or other items you use less frequently. Make even more room by putting lifts under the legs of your bed; elevating the bed lets you use larger bins so you can keep more of your bigger belongings neatly organized beneath it.

Maximize Your Closet Space

Your dorm closet has quite a bit of vertical space to work with, and it's a blank canvas for all sorts of useful accessories to keep your morning routine streamlined. Hang organizers on both sides of your closet door; depending on the sizes of the compartments you choose, you can store pretty much anything from shoes to toiletries to electronics. Keep shoes from making their home on the floor by placing a small set of shelves at the bottom of the closet. You can also hang sturdy canvas shelves from the closet bar to store folded sweaters and pants that don't fit in your dresser.

Utilize Your Wall Space

Wall space is everything in a dorm room, and blending mounted storage with your favorite posters and art is an engaging way to let your decorating tastes shine. Install a floating shelf to store small items on your wall and keep them within reach. Hang a no-nail bulletin board to keep papers and clutter at bay on your desk and gain more space to complete homework. This also lets you keep important reminders and notes right at eye level.

Choose Furniture That's Functional & Decorative

Opt for pieces that are practical and just your style to keep your room functional and fabulous. A small storage ottoman helps keep clutter corralled while creating an extra seat or giving you a place to rest your feet, and a trunk fits at the foot of your bed, storing larger items while also acting as a bench for
visiting friends.

Make Sure Everything Has A Place

When you have the right tools, staying organized can become a fun priority. As you first move in to your new space, designate a spot to store everything when you're not using it, and keep similar items close to each other so they're easy to find. If you have a dorm fridge, elect a shelf or cabinet close to it for storing other dry goods, plates and cups. Even makeup and jewelry need places of their own, and you can display them artfully with colorful, unique organizers that keep them within easy reach.

Label Everything

Labels are infinitely helpful at college, especially when many of your belongings are stored in bins. Place a label on the front of every storage container to easily identify what's inside. While you're at it, make sure that you label clothing with your name to keep your belongings separate from your roommate's. This way, people can also return lost items from the laundry room or shower. Incorporating these helpful storage tools and tips is a surefire way to keep your space organized, letting you focus your efforts on all the excitement of the new school year.

Corralling College Clutter: How To Organize Your Dorm Room