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Graduation Gifts & Gifts for College Students

Graduating college is a major milestone and one of the biggest moments of a young man or woman's life. For parents, it's a time to show your kids how proud of them you are. A thoughtful graduation gift is an excellent way to do that.

 Use this guide from PBteen to find the perfect gift for the recent grad in your family.


Keepsakes are common gifts for recent college grads since you're marking an important moment in life. Nothing beats a little bling that you can keep and wear for years to come when you're finishing up your schooling!

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and cuffs in silver or gold make wonderful graduation gifts for stylish students. You can even give your gift the night before the graduation ceremony so they'll have something new to wear for the big day.

Monogrammed jewelry is also a special way to commemorate your child's graduation. The date they graduated, the name of their school or just their initials can turn a beautiful piece of jewelry into a truly special gift.

College is demanding. After years of hitting the books, every student deserves a little time off to see the world. Whether they're going backpacking in the mountains, jet-setting with friends to Paris, or just staying local on a road trip, travel accessories are a great option for post-grads.

 Backpacks and carry-all duffle bags are ideal for all sorts of trips, especially when purchased in matching sets. You can go for simple, modern options in gray or navy blue, or more fun options like polka-dot prints, bright colors or stripes.

 If you're feeling really generous, help out with those airplane tickets and hotel bills. Financing a little post-graduation trip shows that you know how hard your grad worked to get that diploma.

Relaxation Bundles

Those final exams and dissertation papers often mean a lot of work and not too much sleep. A lot of grads do need a break once the graduation ceremony is over. That doesn't have to mean world travel, though.

For many grads, relaxing at home is the best way to get some much-needed rest. To make those first moments luxurious, relaxation bundles like bath kits that feature soft, ultra-plush towels are a smart, practical gift that your grad will use.

You can even go all out and tuck a gift certificate to a spa in your relaxation bundle if you think they might like that sort of thing. After all, who doesn't love a good massage or facial treatment?


Electronic gifts are fun and useful, and if your graduate is like most, they're always looking for new high-tech toys and gadgets to enjoy. For a graduation gift, you've got a few electronic options that really fit the bill.

For the world traveler or music enthusiast, go for a top-tier pair of headphones. Noise-canceling varieties are even better if your child is going to be taking a lot of trips in the near future. Mini-USB charging stations are also super-useful travel gadgets that can keep you and your grad connected wherever they are in the world.

Bluetooth speakers can be added to bags or backpacks and taken on the road for hotels and smaller spaces, so they're good for travelers and those first apartments. For those less concerned with portability, a vinyl record player and maybe a handful of your favorite records make a great grad gift.

Home Goods

Getting a first apartment after college is a really rewarding experience that few people will ever forget. Whether it's a solo space or shared with a roommate or two, home goods and decorative items are essential to turn an apartment into a home.

 For your graduate, shop for useful items like bedding, towels, rugs and shelving. You can also add decorative accessories to your shopping list, including wall clocks, art and much more. Don't forget the essentials that every graduate needs, such as laundry baskets and hampers, while you're at it.

 Making it through college is a journey that your child is not going to forget any time soon. They may be ready to forget all about those nights spent cramming for tests and writing papers, though!

 Give your graduate a gift they'll cherish and use commemorate all of their hard work and first steps on the path to adulthood.

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