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Teen Bean Bag Chairs

Teen Room Chairs: Lounge Seating for Cozy Spaces

Comfortable, cozy and stylish teen room chairs - ideal for bedrooms, gaming spaces and dorm rooms - are a must-have in any relaxation station. Choose a leanback lounger, butterfly chair, beanbag or cave chair to create the perfect look and the ideal place to kick back.

Teen Room Chair Styles

You'll find lounge seating for teens in a wide variety of styles. The most popular include:

  • Cave chairs, which create a cozy sense of privacy - especially under a loft bed.
  • Sling chairs that are easy to move and designed for simplicity.
  • Butterfly chairs, which you can take to games, concerts or the backyard, or keep them at home in your room.
  • Leanback loungers provide plenty of space to curl up and relax.
  • Eco loungers, which save space and provide extra comfort.
  • Game chairs with high backs that promote good posture and a comfortable, relaxing seat.
  • Mini rockers provide comfort and style so you can stretch your legs while you play games or watch TV.
  • Beanbag chairs let you cozy up anywhere and they're easy to move and stash away when you need more floor space.

Function is just as important as style and space when you're choosing teen lounge seating. Cave chairs are perfect for cozying up with a good book, eco loungers are great for studying and bean bags are the ideal social seating option.

Arrange a few chairs around a dorm room bed to create a comfortable space for studying and socializing, stash plush pillows inside a cave chair for a relaxing retreat or chill in a media chair that rocks while you listen to your favorite playlist. Put a selection of beanbag chairs in your game room, a set of gaming chairs in the living room or basement, or a single club chair in your bedroom to give yourself a great place to relax on your own.

Colors and Materials Matter in Teen Lounge Seating

Teen room chairs come in a huge range of fabrics and a room's overall design will help determine which colors and materials to choose. Soothing tones like muted blues, browns and greens are ideal for creating a serene, tranquil environment, while bright and vibrant colors like pink, teal and purple are perfect for a fun, upbeat space.

Pick from ultra-soft faux fur, plush velvet, sturdy canvas or stretchy nylon in a solid or print to find the perfect addition to modern, classic or trendy decor. Chamois, tweed and twill are great choices to coordinate a space - each has its own texture and creates a unique appearance that helps balance out other decor in a room.

How to Choose the Perfect Teen Room Chair

Choosing the right teen room chair depends on three things: your personal style, the chair's purpose and how much space you have for seating.

Because teen lounge seating is available in such a wide range of styles and colors, you can zero in on purpose first. If you need a study chair, you'll want something firm and mobile so you can relocate when necessary; if you want something that's for pure relaxation with a touch of privacy, a cave chair or a media chair is the right choice.


Size makes a big difference, too. If you're working with limited space, butterfly chairs or stackable bean bag chairs can be the perfect solution (and they go well with storage beds, which help you get even more from your space).

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