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Lounge in style with the comfiest seats around.

Lounge Chairs

Gaming + Speaker Chairs

Teen Bean Bag Chairs

Lounge Seating

Shape up the perfect relaxing environment by choosing the right chairs for you lounging experience. From gathering around the TV for a movie or video game to just chilling and talking to having that alone time, you can create the comfort and the mood with lounge seating. Use at fashionable seating at PBteen to provide the much needed sitting places being great eye candy too. Provide a special alcove or make sure everyone has the best viewing seat. You can increase ease in all moving whether from room to room or house to college with the portability of lounge seating too.

Build that perfect gaming and watching atmosphere by placing speaker and media chairs around the media center. Give up close and personal sound to all ears with the built-in speakers. Link multiple chairs together for complete surround sound. Use all your favorite media devices with these chairs. Gather a bunch of chairs together and hook up the PCs and have a fun and stress-free gaming fest. For intense gamers you can give the added enjoyment and comfort of movement as the chairs are able to rock back and forth.

Use those lounge chairs to create the ultimate private nook. Their portability means you can place them in our favorite spot for the day. Lover of the warm sunshine? Place your chair underneath and bask. As the sun moves so can you. Move your chair to the window and watch the rain. Or backup to a dark recess and take comfort in peace and quiet. Take cave chairs and place decorative pillows or guy pillows inside for the ultimate recess. Use media chairs to relax with all your favorite music.

Place multiple chairs near a bed to construct the most conducive environment for chatting and hanging out. Use beanbags for seating that you can pull out for company but then store away when you don’t need it anymore. Add some cuteness with critter beanbags. Faux fur can be luxurious or fun feeling. Choose neutral colors for the luxurious and serious tone. Go the other way and pick bright sassy colors for a fun popping feeling. The colors you pick in the chairs will make the same colors stand out in your bedding. Want blue to stand out? Choose blue chairs. Pick out multiple colors for a blended effect.

Create a space-saving sitting area by using lounge seating. Great for dorm rooms or really any room. Compactness makes it simple for transport. Place them around a table or trunk and you have built a nice lounge area that anyone could use for sitting, studying or eating. Use the same type of chair for an even look. Mix and match different chairs to create contrast and multiple sitting choices, but use all the same hue or color so the look isn’t too overpowering.

Shine down the right lighting for any task by pairing the chairs with the correct lamps or chandeliers. For a single cushy study or reading space try using floor lamps. With the floor lamp you can provide a task light that will shine right down onto the pages. Try and adjustable lamp for increased easy and focused lighting. Hanging a chandelier over multiple chairs can give light to all while giving a pleasant touch to the decor. Great for play areas and sitting areas. Try a single pendant light for a small space, or use multiple pendants to create broader lighting over the chairs.

Chairs and rugs just seem to go together don’t they? In a large room you can place chairs on top of a rug and create a separate space for play or gathering. Use them together to accentuate the feelings and bring out colors. Bring out certain colors in pattern rugs by choosing chairs of the color you wish to highlight. For soft and comfy, place cushy chairs on shaggy rugs. For more texture pair opposites like a plushy chair with a thin rug.

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