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Birthday Gifts

Teen Birthday Gifts

Struggling for ideas for another teenager’s birthday gift? At PBteen, we have some fabulous teen birthday gifts that combine fun with functionality. Stand out from the crowd with items ranging from headphones to tapestries and planters to spinners.

Add a splash of color to the bedroom with cheerful bunting garlands. Go for bright colors and bold patterns to liven up neutral decor. For a softer look, a garland of white circles is just as striking. A fringe garland shimmers as it catches a breeze and a handmade macramé garland adds texture to a space.

Invite the outdoors inside with some plant holders. Glass planters suspended in decorative beaded or macramé hanging holders look very effective, especially when grouped together at different heights. Glass terrariums hung in a similar manner have a futuristic look about them. Display flowers in a novel way with a circle of miniature vases hanging from a mobile. As it rotates, the different blooms are highlighted.

Transform a bedroom wall with a tapestry. Go for a cool or warm design to suit the style of the room, a bold pattern to stand out against a plain wall or consider a scene, such as a beach, mountains or palm trees, for a fun background theme. Personalize the wall with large wood letters or create a focal point with an art set comprised of panels or prints in a careful arrangement. Pin messages, photos and small keepsakes to decorative pinboards. Choose patterns or colors to match the bedroom decor or be unique and tailor it to the recipient’s hobby, such as a pinboard that’s shaped as a surfboard. Another great idea for a surfing fan is a surf rack system that keeps all the equipment together in a striking wall display.

Teenagers love to explore life to the fullest, so what better gift idea than a spinner to help carry their belongings on their travels? A hard-sided construction provides extra protection whereas a strong fabric construction allows for expansion for the indecisive teen who can’t quite decide what to pack. An extendable handle and rolling wheels make for easy portability. Choose the design to match the individual’s personality, such as tie-dye, floral, dots, pinwheel stripes, diamonds or hearts. For a weekend break or staying overnight with a friend, a duffle bag or backpack makes light work of packing. And don’t forget a matching toiletry bag for the essentials. As a special touch, personalize the luggage items with the recipient’s initials.

There’s no such thing as a run-of-the-mill teenager, and this can be highlighted with ordinary gift ideas that have quirky twists. Get the day off to a good start when the alarm clock rings out. Not such an interesting gift? It is when it has bunny ears on top of each alarm bell. Take the tedium out of study with a bunny ear pencil holder and stand a cellphone or tablet on a bunny ear easel holder. Music lovers are delighted with headphones that have cute cat ears. Stick with the kitty theme and get an eared tech set with cases for a cellphone, tablet and cords. A pouch with ears and whiskers is a fun way to carry around small belongings.

The sophisticated teen needs somewhere to store shades, and a golden sunglasses holder stand with heart design is just the right gift for them. A beauty cup caddy of the same design keeps all the beauty essentials stored neatly in one place and separated into convenient sections. For a lot of beauty accessories, a mirrored makeup storage box with compartments and drawers is a stylish addition to a vanity. A trifold vanity mirror ensures the makeup is applied with precision for the perfect look.

You can never go wrong with jewelry so show how much you care with a monogrammed bracelet, necklace, bangle or ring. Complement that special gift with somewhere that keeps it safe when not being worn. A jewelry box does the trick, and different pieces can be organized in drawers or compartments. A lid with a mirror underneath helps the recipient check how his or her new jewelry looks. A rotating jewelry organizer allows for a quick selection, and a tower makes sure there’s room for every piece.

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