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$100 + Under

Teen Gifts $100 and Under

When shopping around for teen-approved gift ideas, you don't have to spend a fortune to deliver an endearing message. Graduations, birthdays and other special occasions for friends are much brighter when the gifts you present come straight from the heart with your recipient in mind. At PBteen, we are pleased with the wide selection of teen gifts $100 and under that we offer you. You will have just as much fun looking through the many items in our collection as you do watching the faces of friends as they light up with joy as your gift is revealed.

Selecting headphones and speakers from our electronics accessories collection ensures the audio and music flows clearly whether relaxing in the dorm or heading out with friends. The headphones feature comfortable headbands with soft cushion ear cups that fit snug around the head while blocking out disruptive noises. The user gets the full musical experience without any interruptions. Our speakers feature a built-in charger, allowing you to charge your smartphone or media players on the go. The mini design of the speakers gives you the option of setting them on any desk or stand for clear streaming of music or audio files. With the stylish designs available, you will definitely want to pick up an extra set for yourself

We have made personalization a top priority when it comes to Teen Gifts $100 and Under that you are seeking for yourself or one of your friends. Our collection of personalized jewelry gives you the option of having the necklaces, bracelets or charms engraved with prominent initials. Our jewelry pieces are available in 14-karat gold, sterling silver, gold vermeil or rose gold finishes. This diverse selection allows you to present the ideal piece to that special someone.

The jewelry and beauty organizers we offer are an ideal complement to any jewelry gift. These organizers are available in a variety of sizes and finishes, making sure they fit well on dressers, desks, vanities or bedside tables. The look of elegance that the jewelry and beauty organizers lend to any space in which they are placed only add to the appreciation you will receive when presenting the recipient with this gift.

There is no such thing as having too many throws and pillow covers to dress up your living space. We offer throws and pillow covers in all sizes and color options to dress dorm rooms, living rooms or bedrooms alike. Draping the throws over futons, sofas, beds or chairs offers an instant look of comfort. Using our monogramming shop, you can have the throws and pillow covers engraved with initials in bold complementary colors. These gifts double as keepsakes that anyone would embrace for a lifetime.

From high school studies to college courses, our lapdesks are as much an academic essential as they are a living space addition. The lapdesks provide storage for those little items that make a big impact on your overall productivity when working on homework, such as book reports or final capstone projects. The many designs you will find available allow you to select the lapdesk that complements any personality or room theme.

If you want to ensure that your gift gets a real workout through the years, then selecting duffle and carry-on bags are sure to be a much-needed necessity that will keep your gift recipient remembers you in a positive light on many occasions. Duffle bags feature durable handles and plenty of compartments for storing clothing, beauty essentials or even classroom accessories that can't be forgotten. Carry-on bags have attached coaster wheels giving you the capability of rolling the bags around with little to no hassle. Whether traveling for a spring break vacation or heading back to the dorms, the duffle and carry-on bags will come in handy often.