Collegiate Sports Gifts

Whether your teenager is just getting ready to embark on the college phase of life or already has a couple of semesters under the belt, you likely know how big a role sports play as part of college life. From the smallest junior college to the largest university, collegiate sports are one of the things that make going to school so much fun. Even if your teen isn’t attending college yet, the odds are that there is a school that you and your family root for on the weekends. At PBteen, we offer a wide variety of collegiate sports gifts to allow your teen and his or her friends show their passion for their school, no matter what sports they follow.

One of the best things about going to college sporting events is sitting in the student section at the games, where students can cheer loudly for the home team and enjoy the camaraderie of friends, family, fellow students, instructors and alumni at the same time. For those attending outdoor events in the fall or winter, such as a soccer or football game, consider giving them a warm blanket or throw to keep everyone warm when the temperature dips. You can choose a throw or blanket that matches the school colors or even a patchwork blanket that features the logos of the school.

If your teenager likes decorating in a way that reflects a passion for a particular school, such as by collecting memorabilia, a gift of one of our shelves and bookcases, which are suitable for keeping items like signed baseballs, footballs and hockey pucks or bobblehead dolls, is likely to get put to good use. For those who collect autographs or pictures of favorite players and teams, give them decorative picture frames that they can use to display these items on a table or shelf.

The college sports-themed decorating scheme in a particular space, whether it’s a bedroom at home or a dorm room at school, doesn’t have to end with memorabilia. Give items that allow them to create an athlete-inspired space, including wall organization boards, sports-themed murals and table lamps that show off a passion for a specific sport like football, lacrosse or basketball. If your gift recipient is an athlete, consider one of the holders or storage items we have, which allows them to keep their equipment close at hand without being under foot. Some of our storage bins even double as seating for those times when your child’s school is playing on the road and friends want to come by to watch the big game on TV.