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Adding a floor lamp to a room is a convenient way to improve the lighting without taking up too much space or requiring difficult installations. These tall lamps stretch up from the floor to fit easily behind couches, chairs, tables, beds and other furniture. Because these lamps are tall, they do not require a table or other piece of furniture to raise the light to the appropriate level. They offer both decoration and function, making them essential to any living space. At PBteen, we offer a large selection of floor lamps to go along with any color scheme or design theme and brighten up your space.

Create the perfect nook in your room for reading by placing a floor lamp behind a comfortable chair or sofa. A lamp with a single bulb focuses the light right in the area where you need it most. Adjustable floor lamps allow you to move the light around as needed to get the lighting just right. These add versatility to your lighting so can illuminate several parts of your room as needed. Aim light at different spots with floor lamps that have multiple bulbs and shades. Spotlight and task lamps have several lights that pivot and rotate to direct the light and brighten up different spaces. Our floor lamps are perfect for rooms of all sizes and for just about any lighting need.

Floor lamps are ideal for your dorm room, bedroom or any other room where space is a limited commodity. Save precious space on your desk by foregoing the desk or table lamp and placing a floor lamp behind the furniture instead. You get the lighting you need while giving yourself more room to get your work done. Dorm rooms often have harsh overhead lighting that is not warm or inviting. The addition of a floor lamp with soft lighting creates a comfortable atmosphere where you can relax and unwind after a long day. Adding a floor lamp will make your room feel more like home.

No matter what your design preferences, there are floor lamps to go along with any style or theme. Go for a clean, streamlined look with metal lamps that sparkle and shine. Opt for a warm, traditional look with floor lamps with textured shades in various colors. You can even make your fairytale dreams come true with floor lamps shaped like golden dandelions or with dozens of beautiful capiz shells dangling from the frame. All of our lamps are made from sturdy materials, such as metal and acrylic, that are both durable and attractive.

Customize the look of your lamp with mix and match lamp shades. Create the exact look that you want by choosing from the large selection of colors, patterns and shapes. Completely transform the look of the room by switching out the shade and giving it a fresh new vibe. Match the shade to your bedding, rugs or curtains or make your lamp stand out by choosing a bright and bold color. Our collection includes subtle designs, such as white shades with colored ribbon trim, and bolder or feminine styles, such as textured and ruffled shades. Choose the look that you love the most to add a touch of personality to your room.

When designing your room, make sure to match your lamps to the other pieces of furniture you select for the space. Shop our collections for tables, chairs, sofas, desks and bookshelves to put together the perfect look. Whether you prefer a simple design or contemporary decor, you can find floor lamps to match your tastes in our collection. Shop our inventory to find everything you need to bring your room together.

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