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Looking for a simple way to brighten up your room? Consider adding a chandelier from PBteen for a quick bedroom makeover. Offered in a variety of shapes and styles, you’re sure to find the light fixture that’s perfect for your space. You can make any size room feel warm and welcoming by hanging a new light in the middle of the ceiling. Try to select a style that matches your current bedding or wall decor to create a seamless look. You can tie everything together by choosing new framed art to match your chandelier.

If your bedroom is a luxurious oasis, consider a chandelier with lots of bling and glam. Styles that feature acrylic beads are a great choice because they beautifully capture the light and glisten throughout the room. Give your dorm or apartment a fancy look by hanging a chandelier with a teardrop design over a chair or bed. Imagine creating the perfect reading corner by hanging one of these bright light fixtures above your head. You’ll give yourself plenty of light for reading while making the space extra cozy. Throw a soft, plush blanket on the chair and you’ll have a relaxing place to unwind.

If you’re having a hard time selecting a chandelier, first consider the colors and pattern of your bedding. You can use a dominant color from the blanket and select a light fixture that matches. This helps to pull the whole room together and draw attention to the light and the bed. If your bedding is a solid color, try to choose a bold chandelier with a variety of textures and shapes. This helps to add dimension to the bedroom and create a focal point for all of your guests. Romantic styles with a crystal appearance pair well with solid white or tan bedding, while gold pieces tend to mix well with bold colors like red or navy.

Another thing to consider when selecting a new chandelier is the color of the finish. If your dresser or nightstand features silver hardware, be sure to choose a light with a similar design. A brushed nickel finish matches most silver knobs and is easy to clean. We recommend using a dry cloth to quickly remove dust when cleaning. If you’re aiming for a rustic look, consider a style with a antique bronze finish. The brown hint in the metal gives off an old-fashioned appearance and is sure to make your room feel like home. No matter which style matches your personality, our chandelier collection holds the perfect light for you.