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The right lighting can make a huge difference in how you feel about your room. It may seem like a small detail, but lamps can do a lot more than just add light to your space. PBteen’s selection of table lamps shows that lighting can also add some artsy interest to your life, giving you something nice to look at even when your room is perfectly illuminated by daylight. No matter what your hobbies and style, we have table lamps to reflect your personality and suit your tastes.

Many of our table lamps are almost like sculptures, so you can see them as part of your decor. We offer a bunch of different styles so you can have the kind of look you want. If you like animals, we offer several table lamps in animal shapes, including rabbits, dogs and elephants. Athletes can show their love for their favorite sports by choosing a lamp shaped like a baseball glove or basketball. Other shapes, from bongo drums to gilded pirate ships and regal crowns, help complete the picture of your particular personality. We combine these fun shapes with sophisticated designs to keep your room looking mature and suitable for a teenager. Details like metallic finishes and classic lampshade shapes make these table lamps look appealing.

As their name indicates, table lamps are perfect for a bedside table in your bedroom. These lamps are short, meaning they aren’t appropriate for placing on the floor. Elevate them onto a table and you’ll be able to appreciate the cool design and make the most of the light they provide. Desks, lounge coffee tables and even bookshelves make good choices for where to place this type of lamps. Some of our table lamps are adjustable, meaning you can bend the shade to point in different directions so you can shed light on a specific task or area in your room when you need to.

Several of our table lamps have awesome customization options. For example, some lamps let you mix and match different shades and bases so you can create the exact look you want, getting control over what color, shape and detail you want to see in your room. Choosing color can allow you to better coordinate your new table lamp with the rest of the decor in the room, which is a good skill to pick up now. Decorating a room is about more than just putting stuff on the walls and on tables - you want to think carefully about each piece you choose so you can be sure to build a space that feels right for you.

For further customization, some of our table lamps even offer personalization options. You can get a lamp or light with your name on it to add an extra personal touch to your room decor. It feels good to claim ownership over your space. Our personalized lamps give a boost to that feeling of ownership and personal connection. Having that feeling of being in your own private world can be important when you’re young, and little details like a personalized lamp are great for enhancing that aspect of your room.

With options from a variety of great designers, including Emily & Meritt and pro surfer Kelly Slater, our selection of table lamps is sure to include something you can’t wait to bring home. When paired with other types of lighting, our table lamps provide a great solution to the everyday issue of keeping your room light and bright. But these lamps are more than just sources of light to read by - they’re a cool part of your decor.

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