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Sconces & Wall Lighting

String Lights

Wall + String Lights

It may seem like lighting and decor are two separate things, but at PBteen, we like to see them as being connected. While a plain lamp can do its job perfectly well, there’s no reason to avoid making lighting a little interesting. That’s exactly what we’ve done with our decorative wall lights and string lights, which can add much-needed light to your room while also helping the place look awesome and well decorated. Whether you want to create a dreamy fairy-garden atmosphere or you’ve got a blank space on your wall that you want to fill with something really cool, we have plenty of choices for you. With string lights and wall lights available in a variety of different themes and styles, there’s something for everyone in this collection of lighting.

The lighting you choose for your room can play a big part in how comfortable you are when you hang out in there. Think about what kind of effect you like light to have. Do you like to have the option to give your room a soft glow sometimes, like when you’re watching a movie or daydreaming in bed? String lights are perfect for adding just a little bit of light to a space. Our string lights have additional embellishments that help make them perfect for year-round decoration with shapes like hearts, stars, flowers, globes and lace.

String lights are great not only because they’re fun but also because they are versatile. You can put them just about anywhere in your room. Whether you hang them from the ceiling, drape them across the shelf or wind them around the posts on your bed, you can instantly transform the area into a glowing oasis. With options including string lights with metallic lanterns and light strings with pretty garlands attached to them, you’ll be able to bring the perfect atmosphere into your room.

Our decorative wall lights also help you adjust the level of light that you have in your room, and as an added bonus, they multitask as art. From motivational slogans to fun shapes and awesome pictures, there are a lot of different options to choose from in this category. They’re a great way for you to showcase your personality and add something cool to your space. Light up your room with marquee messages like “dream” and “love” or create your own words with individual marquee letters. There’s wall lights for gamers, athletes and the artist in you. Think outside of the box and showcase your creativity with one of these awesome lights.

From your bedroom to your lounge area, decorative wall lights and string lights are a great way of making your mark on your living space. Our fun, casual styles are perfect for teens’ rooms, allowing you to avoid making your room feel too stuffy and formal. Whether you love butterflies or are always dreaming of the beach, we can help you transform your room into a place that reflects your interests and hobbies. When combined with awesome bedding, cool furniture, great art and other funky lamps, our decorative wall lights and strings lights make your room a special place to hang out.

Because they are meant to put out lower levels of light, like a night light or decoration, decorative wall lights and string lights are usually best when combined with other types of lighting, such as ceiling lamps and table lamps. If you want, though, you can get several wall lights and sets of string lights to create the amount of light you need in your room. This lighting category is here to help you unlock your imagination and get creative with your room.

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