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College Gifts

Leaving home for the first time – or for that matter, the fourth – is a big step. Heading off to college or university is just the first stop on what will become your incredible journey through life. Commemorate the experience with gifts that encourage, inspire, support and excite. Hand-picked by PBteen, these items are both beautiful and functional. Many products in this collection carry messages of strength, reminding you of who you are and encouraging you to be your very best. From study support to beautiful jewel-encrusted diamond necklaces with personalized initials, this collection is all about being kind to yourself, staying on the right path and staying true to who you are.

Inspire yourself to stick to your path with motivational jewelry. Available in sterling silver, rose gold-filled, gold-filled or pure 14k gold, our jewelry makes the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love. Rings engraved with messages like “Do what you love, love what you do,” gently remind you of why you’re attending school during the toughest exams. Brilliant yellow gold initial and name pendants hang from matching chains, encouraging you to stay true to yourself and be who you are. Double and triple-letter cursive pendants let you showcase your service to your sorority or fraternity wherever you go, making it clear which house you belong to. Choose your initials, a series of Greek letters or another acronym altogether; we’ll engrave it and ship your item right to your door. Spacious bar necklaces provide enough room to engrave a full name or words like “peace,” “love” and “serenity.” Select from a range of items in simple polished gold, or choose an item encrusted with jewels to shine brightly at special events.

Picked out your favorite jewelry? Instantly upgrade your dorm room or apartment with a jewelry organizer. Hanging jewelry sleeves slip right into your closet, providing you with multiple pockets and areas to store necklaces, rings, earrings, clips and just about any other small item you can dream of. Cardboard and plastic organizers sit on top of a vanity or desk, separating items into sections so they can’t become knotted or tangled. These are especially suitable for dorm rooms, where they can do double-time by holding beauty products, art supplies and study items.

The perfect gift is one that’s both functional and a joy to use, all at the same time. Choose from a selection of desktop accessories that make studying easier on both your body and your mind. Lap desks let students stretch out in bed while working on essays and projects, making the most of small dorm room spaces. Happy bunny-eared pencils and supply holders give any desk a lighthearted feel, while wooden desk accessories add country and vintage-inspired charm. Keep smartphones secure in fun smiley and rainbow phone holders, or place them on a mini-easel to watch videos and play games upright.

Having drinks and snacks close by lets you stick with studying through the long evening hours without needing to move around. Mini-coolers and bar fridges make the perfect addition to a dorm room or apartment study area; they’re small enough to sit on a cart or the top of your desk, and have just enough room for a few bottles of mineral water, a container of yogurt or sports drinks. Encourage yourself to stay hydrated, healthy and energetic with this constant reminder nearby.

We understand student life. Sometimes, what you need most is a few helpful decor items to make your space feel lived in and just like home. That’s why we sell nail-free, no-muss, no-fuss items like pinboards, chalkboards throw blankets, storage trunks and decal letters that are full of color, personality and pizzazz. Shop individually, or shop with your new roommates and create a refuge that you’ll look forward to returning to each night when the day is done.