How To Choose The Right Light

To make your teen's room (and style!) really shine, a few pieces of good lighting are key. Start with something that provides an overall wash of ambient light. If your teen's room has a sizable window, take advantage of the natural light during the day and add an overhead light, such as a chandelier or pendant, to cast a warm glow at night.

Light This Way

Add layers of lighting at different levels to suit your teen's needs, such as a task lamp for their desk or a table lamp for their bedside. A floor lamp is perfect for a lounge space, while an articulating sconce lights corners or above beds.

Create Some Drama

Hang a low pendant over your bed in a corner to cast a dramatic pool of light. This is also a great way to delineate space in your room for a lounge area.

Vary the Tone

Create more lighting options throughout your entire space with dimmers. They're easy to install in place of your regular light switches, and you can also find dimmers that connect directly to any plug-in lamp.

Up to the Task

Try using a clip light or a table lamp by your desk that lets you pivot light just where you need it — for example, above homework or creative craft projects.

How To Choose The Right Light