How To Partition a Room

A teen's room is a busy place — it's where they sleep, get ready for the day, study and hang out. With so much going on, it makes sense to divide their space into separate areas for each activity. Create rooms within a room by hanging sheers from a cable system in three easy steps.

1. Map It Out.

Before you start, decide with your teen how they'd like their room divided. A study area won't need much more room than for a desk, a chair and a little bit of storage, while a lounge area should be a bit larger with room for a futon, beanbag or lounger.

2. Measure.

Determine how many cable systems and sheers you'll need to divide each space. Have fun with "color coding" each section — or use the same color for all sheers for a more harmonized look.

3. Hang it up.

Once you know which space goes where, install the cable systems and hang the sheers. When your teen is ready for a change of scenery, swap out the sheers for drapes or even lightweight blankets or quilts.

How To Partition a Room