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Feeling Crafty? Nine Sleepover Crafts Everyone Will Love

So, you’re planning a sleepover. Favorite movie? Check. Invitations sent to friends? Check. Tasty snacks? Check. That sounds just about perfect, but you might be missing a little extra something: awesome activities that will invite laughter and relaxation. However, if you’re not sure what kinds of activities to include, don’t worry. Pottery Barn Kids can help.

Making crafts together is a fun idea that promises lots of laughter and memories. We’ve rounded up nine sleepover crafts that are sure to bring your pajama party to life.


Make Your Own Jewelry

This one is simple. All you’ll need to do is pick up some different styles and colors of beads and beading wire or nylon string. Then, make matching bracelets or necklaces that show-off your unique style. If you’re going for a more formal look, pick out fancy-looking stones, pearls and some metal clasps. Or, for lots of sparkle, select some beads that are glittery and glamorous.



When it comes to sleepovers, anything that will glow-in-the-dark is a great idea. Take the theme to the next level and pick out several colors of specialty UV paint along with white T-shirts for everyone. Grab a black light and some small paint brushes. Let your guests decorate their own T-shirts, flip off the lights and watch the room light up with your neon creations. Pillow cases make great canvases for UV paint, as well!


Stay Friends Forever

Friendship bracelets are a fun and iconic sleepover activity. You can choose beads and wire or braided styles. Beads are great because everyone can put their initials on them and pass them around. That way, every time you look at your bracelet, you’ll think of your best friends. Consider arranging a craft area with some beanbag chairs to sit on while you’re talking and creating.


Create Personalized Slippers

Since you already have beads, pearls, stones and glitter, you can get even more creative! Track down some simple sandals, or fuzzy slippers, for everyone to start with. In addition to beads and stars, consider incorporating some artificial flowers, buttons or anything else that appeals to you! Assembly is easy, simply apply your chosen decor with fabric or craft glue. After the party wraps up, the sandals make great take-home gifts.


Tasty Crafts

There’s no reason you can’t have your fun and eat it too! Candy necklaces are a delicious and simple craft that you can easily incorporate into the night’s festivities. Lay out some colorful treats – anything with a hole running through the middle – buffet-style and invite your friends to get creative and assemble their delicious creations together. Gummy rings, circular candies, licorice bits and “O”-shaped cereals are all fair game.


Twist your Imagination with Wire Bracelets

This one is lots of fun and promises a really cool end-result. However, it requires a little more time and attention to detail . You’ll need thick, sturdy wire that won’t bend too easily along with some round-nosed pliers for everyone to work with. Measure a length of wire at least five times as large as your wrist, and bend the wire into any design you want. Words like “love,” your name or geometric shapes are all great ideas. Add some end clasps from the craft store, and voila: personalized jewelry!


Make a Wish Jar

Small glass bottles with a lid or cork at the end, these fun containers can represent a portable version of your friendship. Use any bottle you want, however, smaller sizes will be easier to store. First, have everyone record an inside joke, special memory or their hopes and dreams for the future. Then, fold the notes and tuck them inside your jar before sealing it. The jar will act as a miniature time capsule, and you and your friends can hold on to it for as long you agree upon before re-opening it.


Paint Your Socks

Track down some white socks and dimensional puff paint – make sure you have lots of colorful and vibrant colors. Next, get creative painting words, flowers, spirals, suns or whatever inspires you. Trade socks with each other and take them home. You can also do the same thing with matching pajamas.


Hold a Cupcake Competition

A sleepover isn’t complete without a sweet treat, or two! Set out bowls of sprinkles, frosting, edible eyes, pastry flowers, whipped cream, chocolate and anything else you can think of. Start with homemade or store-bought cupcakes, and see who can best accessorize their treat. Afterwards, take a picture of the winning cupcake before sampling all of your delicious creations.