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The Right Lighting For Your Study Space

Finding the best lighting for your study space isn’t always as quick of a task as it sounds. You may have an overhead light as well as the light of your computer screen, but that’s not always enough to make your desk or workspace the bright and comfortable place it should be. With the right lighting, you can shine a better light on your homework, college applications and fun hobbies like drawing, learning how to program or making jewelry. PBteen’s lamps can also add a decorative element to your work space that can make it feel even more personal.


A fun and stylish table lamp can meet your requirements for both fashion and function. Whether you’re a true sports fan or you love exploring your creativity, it is possible to find lamps that help reflect your taste and personality. From whimsical shapes to clean, modern lines, table lamps can help tie your study area together and give it a final bit of sophisticated polish.

Of course, a lamp has to do more than just look great. When it comes to finding the best lighting for studying, it’s important to pick a lamp that works well for your needs. If you find that your room has plenty of ambient light but you tend to feel a bit sleepy when you’re sitting at your desk, adding a directional desk lamp into the mix may be the right choice. Desk lamps are available in a wide range of colors and styles to match or complement your decor and your personality, but they also have added functionality thanks to their adjustable features.

An adjustable task lamp allows you to tilt its head or neck so you can have light pointed directly on a specific area. This helps with things like drawing fine details, reading fine prints or just making your work space brighter without illuminating the entire room, which is a great idea if you have roommates or siblings you don’t want to wake with your late-night studying. Keeping one of these lamps on your desk can help you keep your workspace easy to see and useful to work in.


Thanks to their great design and the many options available, lamps provide decorative interest and enhance the ambience of whatever room they’re in. They can help you say something about yourself or remind you of the things you love to do while you’re working at your desk. You already know how important it can be to accessorize with things that showcase who you are when it comes to your technology and your clothes, but room decor is no different. Choose a lamp that suits your style or use a design-your-own lamp tool so you can build the exact lighting you need to accessorize your work space.

When it comes to design and lighting working together as one, don’t forget the spaces on the walls around your desk. Even if you have a great lamp on your desk, adding some extra light to the walls in your study space may give you yet another way to create the ideal lighting mood for any activity. Having several different lighting options available in your study space allows you to create a beautiful combination of color and brightness to make all of your responsibilities feel a bit more exciting. From shaped marquee lights to lights on strings, wall lights can add the ideal final lighting touch to your study space.