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Personalize It: How to Create an Accent Wall for Your Bedroom

Looking for a way to make your bedroom even more exciting? There are so many ways to spice things up – like adding artwork or picking out a duvet cover with an awesome design. However, the addition of a bold new accent wall is one of the best ways to shake up your space and infuse some excitement. An accent wall is a single wall that can be decorated with all the things you love so it stands out from the rest of your room. Accent walls for bedrooms are great because you can use photos, artwork, colors and mementos to project your personality into the space. Plus, they’re easy and fun to create!


Check out PBteen’s guide to accent wall design ideas to get started.


How to Create an Accent Wall

Here are a couple of suggestions to think about as you start planning your accent wall.


•        Check out photos of other bedrooms to get some inspiration. But definitely feel free to change things up to fit your taste!


•        Feel free to be bold and adventurous. An accent wall is an opportunity to add the wow-factor to your space.


•        Have fun with the project! When you’re looking forward to designing your wall, you might put a spin on your space that you’ve never thought of before.


•        Use the amount of decoration that feels comfortable to you and your space, whether it’s just a few important things or a wall-sized collage.


Which Wall Should You Pick?

Any wall can work! You might want to go for the spot with the most interesting furniture or decor. In a bedroom, this might be the wall right behind your bed’s headboard. However, every room is different, so follow your instincts. You could also pick a wall without windows so that the colors and decor scheme you choose really shine. If you use your desk a lot for studying and love the way it looks, go ahead and highlight that!


What Colors to Use

Ready to let your personality shine? Pick a favorite hue! Bright colors are energetic, and shades like lime green, turquoise and blue are great for a fun tropical design. With gray, chocolate brown and other dark colors, you can invite some coziness into your bedroom. An easy way to make sure your wall matches the rest of the room is to use the same color, but a few shades darker. Paint can also create the illusion of space; lighter colors make a room seem larger, and dark tones create a small, cozy feel. Play around with tones to get the ambience you want.


Other Accent Wall Possibilities

Using solid paint colors isn’t the only way to create an accent wall. Try wallpaper with exotic motifs – just on one wall – for something different. Another fun option is to paint the background with matte paint, and then use stencils and gloss paint to create a design that looks like wallpaper with texture. You can even create a mural in your bedroom. If you have a flair for art, express yourself with a hand-painted paragraph or phrase from a favorite book.


Materials You Need to Do It Yourself

Ready to get started? Here are some useful tools on hand for DIY-ing your wall.


•        Paint

•        2" Paintbrush

•        Roller

•        Paint tray

•        Stepladder

•        Medium-sized masking tape

•        Drop cloth

•        Painting clothes

•        Picture hangers and nails for any framed art or corkboards you want to hang


Painting Reminders

Ready to roll? Here are some helpful tips and reminders.


•        Move furniture away from the wall

•        Use the drop cloth to cover anything you don’t want to get paint on

•        Use masking tape to mark the edges of the wall and cover trim

•        Paint the edges of the wall first

•        Use rollers for the wall’s center

•        One gallon of paint covers about 120 square feet