Decorating Your Study Space: STYLE + FUNCTION

When you're trying to get your studying done, video games, after-school groups, sporting activities and hanging out with friends all compete with your homework time, so it pays to create a study space where you have the opportunity to focus. A well-appointed desk requires organization, and it can balance fun with functionality while displaying your personality. Our study and desk decorating ideas make it possible to combine form and function, creating an efficient space that's easy to use and fun to hang out in.

Decorating Your Study Space: Style + Function

Every study space needs a desk, and as one of the most important elements in the room it's worth taking time to consider your options. If you mainly use a PC for your schoolwork, you can choose a desk that includes holes and brackets for tidying away the electrical cables and a compartment for holding the PC tower. A pull-out keyboard drawer is a space-efficient way to keep your keyboard within reach while leaving the desk surface free for the monitor and any reference books.


If you usually use a laptop or find it's more effective to take notes on paper, look for a desk that has a large surface area, and consider getting some paper organizers or shelving so you can keep track of every last assignment sheet and all your textbooks. Drawers are useful in any desk, providing storage space for your pens and calculator and making it easier to keep your study space neat when friends are coming over. L-shaped desks are a space-saving solution for smaller rooms, and you can tuck them into a corner to leave room for sleeping bags, beanbag chairs or your entertainment system.

Ergonomics, which are the elements that keep you comfortable and productive, are important features for you and your parents to look at when you're choosing the right desk chair. Look for lumbar support to keep your back comfortable and for adjustable height and armrest settings to keep your muscles loose during long study sessions. The armrests should be level with the top of your desk and close to your body to keep you relaxed, but some people find it more comfortable to use a chair that doesn't have armrests at all. Swivel chairs with rolling wheels make it easy to reach different areas of your desk without straining and are useful in a large study area where you're on the move between bookshelves and your desk. You might also prefer a chair with fixed legs and a cool design that doesn't feel as much like it belongs in a formal office. Whatever style you choose, ensure your chair has plenty of padding for comfort and a hardwearing fabric material to protect against stray snacks and soda spills.

Swivel Chair

Good lighting is essential for reducing eye strain, which can happen when you look at your computer or books in a dark room. A table lamp provides ample light, and there are many options available, so it's easy to find something that matches your style. A lamp with a sculpted football or baseball stand is a stylish addition to a sporty study space, while you can appreciate a light with a rabbit or bird motif hopping across the shade if you're wild about animals. For a more versatile lighting solution that's useful for everything from reading to sketching out geometry homework, use a task lamp with a directional stand for pinpointing the light. They're available in bright, bold colors that add vibrancy to your desk.


With a well-organized desk space, it's possible to focus on important things without constantly searching for your supplies. Useful desk accessories include pencil pots, trays for sorting paperclips and erasers and a magazine caddy. In a traditional study space, wooden accessories are sleek and sophisticated, but if you like a more modern vibe, bold kraft paper accessories with geometric designs and foil detailing are excellent options. For an industrial feel that also makes your desk seem more spacious, use wire accessories or consider a wall-mounted organizer to free up study space.

Finally, add a pinboard for a convenient surface for storing important memos, photos of friends and lists. Pinboards that incorporate a wipe-clean calendar and an area for magnets are extra versatile. Style tile sets that come with cubby shelves and decorated pinboards are a fashionable way to create an organizational aid that's fun to look at. With these simple accessories and your special eye for style, it's possible (and exciting) to create an inspirational, effective study space that displays who you are.