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Free Shipping on Accessories

Take advantage of our free shipping on accessories and deck out your space with decor pieces that express your personality, letting everyone know they are in your home. Snatch up some pictures frames featuring fun-colored edging to display your favorite images with family, friends or your furry, four-legged companion. A striped frame that complements your black and white room decor hangs nicely on the wall above your bed or makes the ideal home on your desk, reminding you of a treasured moment in time every time you sit down to study or do homework. Gather up a handful of gallery photo frames from our collection at PBteen and make a collage of your most recent tropical vacation and make this theme a highlight on one wall in your room or spread them around on each wall, making you smile with every turn.

Spotlight your favorite images and other keepsakes and hang them from your wall or bedroom door with string lights surrounded by pom-poms. This unique wall adornment features several clips for displaying cherished snapshots or souvenirs, such as your graduation announcement or a family wedding invitation. Add some double-sided clips to the decorative display and show off additional special moments or your favorite selfies.

Take a break from conventional technology and embrace the old school with an alarm clock that reminds you of days gone by. This clock displays Arabic numbers like a wall clock and features the same alarm-style bell as your grandparents had, which is a fun bedroom accent that makes you think of them whenever it dings to wake you for school. Keep the clock on your bedside table along with a miniature treasure box or crown-shaped tray to hold your jewelry, such as your watch or necklace while you sleep. The gold-colored keepsake holders make you feel like royalty each night before hitting the pillow and ceasing to slumber.

If your favorite critter is a rabbit, then embellish your desk with bunny ears office accessories and add a little fancy to your nightly study sessions. Place your tape on a bunny ears dispenser, store your pens, pencils, highlighters and scissors in a bunny ears pen container and keep your smartphone in an upright position and at the ready to receive text messages and phone calls with a bunny ears easel. The miniature easel also holds a tablet or e-book, letting you sit at your desk or the kitchen table and read hands-free.

Keep your room organized and your things off the floor with a collection of storage bins made of pliable canvas. The large bin is ideal as a laundry basket, ideal for use in a dorm room, as the canvas material is lightweight and effortless to haul up and down the stairs to and from the dorm’s laundry facility. When you are caught on laundry, the bag folds down nicely for storage, suitable when sharing a smaller space with a roommate. Use the medium-sized bin to keep your extra linens and blankets when not in use, and the small container to hold school books, notebooks, extra desk supplies or keepsakes like a small treasure chest or photo albums. Carry handles on both sides of the bins allow for simple transporting of the containers.

Have your daily and monthly schedule front and center at all times with a dry-erase, peel-and-stick calendar that goes where you go, such as from home to your dorm room to your off-campus apartment. With a fill-in calendar, this planner lives with you from your school days of jotting down test days, soccer matches and holidays to your summer breaks when recording your work schedule and evenings out on the town with friends and date nights. Use varying color pens to highlight different events, such as red for big tests, blue for holidays and green for social gatherings. The blank space next to the planner boxes is ideal for writing reminder notes to yourself or messages to others sharing the same living quarters.

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