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Pets are exciting, affectionate and unique. After a short time, they become just like a member of the family, sharing your joys on great days and making you smile if you’re not feeling good. It’s no surprise they hold a special place in your heart. At PBteen, we know you love your pet. Our teen pet shop accessories make it easy to take care of pets – dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits and more – and keep them happy. Looking for some ways to incorporate your pet into the decor and design process in your bedroom? Here are a few tips.

Comfy pets are happy pets. True, most don’t complain about where they lie down – your supersoft duvet cover is just fine with them – but having their own nap space makes them feel safe, secure and relaxed. What should you look for when picking out a pet bed? Well, that depends on things like what kind of pet you have, how big it is and its personality. Don’t worry. It’s not hard to find something pets love. When it comes to size, it’s nice when they have enough room to stretch a little while they sleep. When it doubt, bigger is usually better.

For comfort, it helps to put yourself in their shoes for a second. A bed with a thick, fluffy cushion feels heavenly. Cotton and other natural materials are awesome because they’re very breathable and cool during warm weather. That especially makes your pets feel good if they have lots of fur or longer hair. When it’s cold outside, a toasty blanket has the same effect on them as you: they love to cuddle up inside – and in your arms is even better.

A soft place to rest isn’t the only thing that a stylish pet bed adds to your bedroom. It also shows off your love of animals as a way of decorating. From artwork featuring dogs, cats and horses to a feeding bowl with snappy slogans, you can let your pet flag fly for all to see. Our teen pet shop beds come in tons of different themes to fit the rest of your creative vision. Faux-fur beds look great with chic Paris-inspired decor like chandeliers, mirrors and brightly-color rugs. Other beds have relaxed tones for a laidback bedroom. Want to take things even further? Some pet accessories can be personalized with your pet’s name.

Investing in a pet pays off big time, as you’ve probably already felt. You give them your love and they return it to you with major affection. Did you know that having a pet can even improve your health? The happiness pets produce reduces your stress and helps you feel relaxed. It also boosts your self-esteem, confidence and social skills. Some researchers even think that pets keep you from getting allergies in the future.

How can you keep your pet happy and contented? It’s not hard. In fact, you’re already giving them the most important thing: you. Most pets love to spend time with you more than anything else. When you give them affection and attention, they’re thrilled. Playing around, tickling them, going for a walk or tossing a toy or ball for them to chase are a few ways to have fun with your dog, cat or other animal.

Of course, every animal is a little different. Cats tend to be a little more independent than dogs, and most ferrets like to be somewhat mischievous. Even individual dogs can have distinct personalities. Doing research on the Internet is a great way to find out more about how to take care of pets ranging from parrots to mini pigs and everything in between.

Need a way to pet-proof your bedroom? That can be important, especially if you have a desk with a laptop or lamp you use to study. Some pets can’t resist the temptation to chew on wires. One easy fix is to cover cords with flexible plastic or metal tubing. A garden hose can do the same thing. Hide wires in your desk when you’re not charging any electronic devices. Your pet is protected and so is your stuff.

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