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There are few better ways to express yourself than when decorating your own space. When it comes to your bedroom, this is a room where you want to feel relaxed and comfortable after a long day at school, a busy night at work or after a tough exam. It’s also the spot where you want to be able to hang out with your friends, watch movies and drift dreamily off to sleep. Complementing furniture and decor isn’t as hard as you may think and, in fact, at PBteen we like to make it as simple as possible to get the styles and the look you want. A terrific way to achieve this is to shop a certain furniture collection. Once a certain theme catches your eye, you can keep adding familiar pieces to complete your ensemble. One such collection is the Emily & Meritt Furniture collection. Full of dazzling yet elegant pieces, you can choose one or two items from the collection, mix with other furniture collections or use Design Your Own features to personalize your space.

If you have complete carte blanche over your own bedroom decor and furniture, it’s a sound idea to start with the basics. Obviously, the first thing you’ll think about and consider is the bed. Furniture collections give you several distinctive styles to choose from, and the Emily & Meritt collection is no different. Look for a type of bed that speaks to your tastes and something you will feel comfortable in during all seasons of the year. A trundle bed or daybed is an excellent idea if you do a lot of reading or studying in bed. Sometimes, the best studying is done relaxing in bed with headphones on. With the wide walls of a trundle bed, you can fill the spot easily with decorative pillows, throws, stuffed animals and other items you like to keep close by. If you’d like a more traditional bed, choose one that has a bit of height, allowing you to store books, essentials and other needs neatly underneath your bed, maximizing your storage needs. If you already have a bed but would like to add a touch of elegance, opt for a sole headboard.

Next, you want to think about your dresser. Think about whether you need a lot of drawer space for clothing items that don’t go in your closet and how much counter dresser space you need to put decorative items, toiletries, jewelry boxed and other necessities. Beyond the dresser, consider a nightstand to keep next to your bed or a bedside table for an eclectic look.

When you shop a collection, one of the neatest things is the ability to have all the colors already matched up for you. For example, once you purchase a bed in a collection, the dressers, nightstands and other furniture either match or complement your existing colors. Other fantastic furniture ideas to add to your existing bedroom ensemble include a desk and chair, particularly if you need a dedicated study space, and lounge chairs. If you have the room, you can decorate your spot further with elegant bookcases, chaise lounges and an armoire. Another fun thing to do for your bedroom is to add a canopy frame to make your bed as relaxing as possible. This easy-to-use frame allows you to get canopy sheets for your bedroom and matches easily with your existing bed set, curtains and drapes. If you need additional storage space in your room for clothes and other items, consider a matching trunk within the collection or a wardrobe rack for extra room to hang more formal clothing.

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