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Personalized Chairs + Bean Bags

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Personalized Furniture

Add a personalized and comfy touch to any room with personalized furniture. Use beanbags to furnish multiple different living spaces from the game room to the college dorm room. With beanbags you can provide a versatile and movable piece of furniture to anyone looking for a seat while giving them a soft body forming chair. Place beanbags together or separate. Gift a personalized beanbag and give a long lasting, very usable gift along with the added extra special touch of the receiver’s name. At PBteen, we offer many colors from neutral to eye-popping which you can use to further customize your beanbag and choose that perfect fit for room or gift.

Beanbags in a living room? Of course. Set them amid other furniture or use beanbags as the only type of furniture. Create a comfy sitting area by placing beanbags around a rug. Pleasant on the back and on the feet. Create an eye pleasing effect by choosing different colored bean bags and tying those colors in with the rug. Make others think of rainbows by choosing a wide spectrum of bright colors. Be more high end by choosing lower hued colors all of the same color scheme.

Where does personalization and names come into this? We already mentioned personalized beanbags make a lovely gift idea as they are extremely versatile. But you can use more than just the receiver’s name. Put the name of their best friend on a beanbag and provide a special area for those two to sit. Or personalize a beanbag with names like “Friend,” “Besty,” “Thinking Chair,” and others. You could also personalize them with characters from favorite movies or books. And like having personalized laundry, no one has to guess which is your towel or your chair.

Sometimes it is a battle to decorate in small spaces. Be the victor by multi-tasking the furniture. Placing beanbags around a dorm trunk can provide many different uses. The trunk can store whatever and also serve as the table and ottoman. Move the beanbags closer to eat and study then back them up to relax and prop your feet on the trunk. You just made a sitting area plus study plus dining room. You can also transport it very easily.

Circle beanbags around the media storage. Build a fun and pleasurable gaming and theater environment. And remember easy. Move beanbags to whichever position in the room that gives you the most comfort. You can place beanbags with other seating to make contented sitting for watching movies. Placing low beanbags in front and higher seating in the back gives everyone a bird’s eye view of the TV. Personalizing the beanbags ensures calm as teens have their special spots already reserved. Don’t always want beanbags in your living room? The movability and lightness allows you to pick them up and store them in a closet out of sight.

Beanbags are a fun addition to play spots. Hanging ceiling lighting over the beanbags can increase the effect. Create a host of different moods by matching the personalization with the overall theme. Hang a delicate fairy chandelier over beanbags with the words “Princess,” “Wishes,” or choose favorite characters from a movie to make a fairytale or medieval theme. What about creating wild west theme with denim beanbags and rope chandeliers?

Beanbags are like a huge pillow and you can increase warm and cozy by adding boy throws and girls throws. Create a perfect environment for late night chats and cold days. Match colors for a blended look. Choosing one lighter color and the second darker makes the darker color stand out. You could pair personalized blankets with the personalized beanbags by having the same name or having one with the first name and the other with the last name. Or mix and match with all your creative instincts. The blanket could have “Best” and the beanbag “Bud.”

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