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Isabella Rose Taylor

Isabella Rose Taylor Furniture Collection

You and your friends express yourself in different ways. You might stand out from the crowd with the way you dress or prefer to form your own band and write songs. You might also enjoy painting or making sketches of friends, nature or scenes that come from inside your mind. What’s your favorite way of showing off your creativity? At PBteen, we want you to always feel free to express yourself. That’s why we design bedding and decor that makes your bedroom something totally unique. It’s the main idea behind our Isabella Rose Taylor Furniture Collection.

Did you know that personal expression is a critical part of turning into an adult? As you become a young woman or young man, you’re making choices that decide the kind of person you want to be. And that’s a good thing. It lets you see the benefits of different kinds of activities, and choose what’s really important to you in life. Plus, being creative reminds yourself and those around you of what makes you special. You have abilities and talents that other people don’t. Showing them off builds your confidence and helps you have fun anytime and anywhere. Leave your signature style on school projects, gifts for friends and the way you decorate your bedroom.

What makes our Isabella Rose Taylor Collection stand out? To put it simply, the teen behind it. Isabella Rose Taylor is a fashion designer, artist, poet and college student that started to design clothes when she was eight years old. Now she has taken that artistic background into the world of interior decoration. Of course, this story isn’t about her. It’s about you. The essence of style is taking something brilliant and giving it your own personal twist. Bold and exciting pieces give you a vibrant palette to choose from when customizing your bedroom.

The idea behind the Isabella Rose Taylor Collection is dare to begin. Take chances. Get inspired. So, bottom line, when creating the look for your room, have some fun. Bend the rules a little until you’re happy with the result. That’s great for two reasons. First, when you’re in a space that you designed yourself, you feel especially comfortable and relaxed. And second, it gives you a positive attitude every day. All you have to do is look around your bedroom for proof that you’re awesome. Plus, being creative makes a room really spectacular and brings it to life in a way no one else can.

If you have a natural artistic flair – for music, fashion, poetry, drawing, photography, video editing or digital art – this furniture collection is a great fit. It has definite elements of both clothing design and painted pieces throughout. Just like a blank canvas, the overall backdrop features neutral colors. Straight lines and simple contours give your room a relaxed vibe. They also make it very easy to accessorize with pops of striking color. Accent pillows, task lamps and bedding are a few ways to add tones and designs that get noticed right away.

Looking for some bedroom style ideas? Isabella Rose Taylor Collection pieces are ideal for a romantic room. So if you watch your favorite love stories and romantic comedies over and over, this is an awesome possibility. Focus on soft but beautiful colors like rose, lavender and cream. Use elegant decor like a white vanity with tall legs. Mirrors and table lamps make the room cozy and warm.

Bring some Paris fashion chic into your study space with a work area that’s different. Instead of the customary desk with drawers, go with a project table instead. It’s an elevated surface where you can sit on a stool or even stand when you need it. That flexibility is awesome for getting ideas and solving problems. And it’s an artist’s dream too. Spread you work out on the top surface and tackle tasks any way you want. Storage on the sides holds books, art supplies and tech devices – anything that helps you shine. A shag rug underneath and pendant lighting overhead take your creativity to the next level.

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