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Junk Gypsy Collection

Junk Gypsy

Rustic and wild Junk Gypsy furniture is the right theme to portray your spunky and free side. Use the soft and muted colors to create an effect that is pleasing to your eyes and every passerby. The antique tone can help you craft the feeling of olden days and romantic stories. Go to the carefree gypsy side, or the delicate actor or even a rambunctious cowhand by matching it with other decor items from us at PBteen. Grasp the horizon and burst forth in spirit by decorating with Junk Gypsy.

Capture the picture of a gypsy wagon under the stars by lighting your room with string lights. Attach the string light to the wall over your bed and make a fake headboard. Drape string lights across your canopy as if you are lighting up your covered wagon. Place small string lights throughout your canopy or across the ceiling to make it look like stars. Take a branch, either a plain wooden one or one with fake flowers for more color, and wrap the string lights around it. Hang above your bed or desk for a classic look. Highlight pieces of furniture with the light like wrapping the post of the iron bed.

Use storage to store your items and to increase the feeling of the room. Try the canvas storage type to add more rustic flare. Baskets could heighten the lighter feelings in the room while still keeping the free spirit. Use baskets as decoration by filling them with flowers for a meadow outdoors feel. If you're decorating for an actor theme, so polka dots with colors could fit right in there. Go rugged with wooden crates. Give an extra plus to that gypsy theme by placing a trunk in the room. Use as a table in the sitting area or in place of a bedside table. Maybe place it in the original spot at the foot of the bed.

For those who want to go more elegant, pair a classic bed with a vanity. Choose a white- or gold-accented vanity to bring in rich tones and feelings. Consider building your own vanity to personalize your theme. Placing a lighted mirror above a desk would give the actor or even circus feel. If more than one mirror appeals to you, hang a full-length mirror on a door or set up in a corner, providing an additional place to check your looks.

Furnish your Junk Gypsy bed with a quilt or comforter. Choose natural and darker colors for more of a profound feeling. Bring the sky down by choosing bright blues and matching with greens to depict the open range. Use patterns with looks of wear or a collage of multiple patterns to show the junky antique.

Pillows and throws add more depth to a gypsy room. Choose a bland colored bed cover and spice it up by adding multiple different colored pillows. A gypsy room is all about feeling and spirit so go ahead mix and match. Choose the ones that feel right. Adding multiple throws will also escalate the feelings of comfort and artistic messiness. Blend the pillows and throws into the rest of the decorations for a toned-down approach by choosing matching colors. Make a pop with the pillows by picking colors in the same scheme yet brighter. Use tassels for more fun and feel from days gone by.

Heighten the covered wagon feel with tapestries. Choose ones that look like rugs for an authentic rustic feel. Add more texture and intensify the junky look by selecting patterns that clash. Match some of the colors to tie the pieces together. You could also add to the outside feel by hanging tapestries that have flowers or clouds. Strengthen the feelings in a unique way and create separate spaces in your room by hanging tapestries. Allow them to hang freely or anchor them down.