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Oxford Collection

Oxford Collection

When it comes time to furnish your room, you might be thinking about finding a balance between what you want and what you need. Of course you want something that looks good and feels good to you. And you probably also want furniture that is practical and functional so all your stuff has a place. Is all that possible? Yes it is. Our Oxford Furniture Collection gives you the best of both worlds. The Oxford storage bed has a headboard with a shelf, cubbies and two pull-outs on either side. There’s even a cutout for cords to keep them out of the way. The cubbies are ideal to keep books, an alarm clock and other bedtime essentials. Decorative bins and baskets fit neatly in the headboard cubbies to keep small items stored for a tidy appearance. Select bright colors or patterns if it suits the decor or go the neutral route with locker bins and wooden crates. It’s all up to you.

If you prefer a bunk bed, this one also comes with extra storage space. Three spacious drawers are nestled in at the bottom of the bed. Choose from a twin over twin or full over full size. The headboard and the footboard are the same height, so the bed can be placed against the wall wherever it is most convenient. The ladder to climb to the top bunk can be placed on the left or the right side, which gives some decorating flexibility. Hang a shelf by the top bunk so whoever sleeps up there can have space for what’s needed. A single, small shelf won’t take up too much room and will be just the ticket for holding reading materials and maybe a glass of water or a bedtime snack. A scallop design gives subtle detail. Or pick one that has straight, sleek structure for a classic look.

For the person sleeping on the bottom bunk, place a nightstand by the bed with a table lamp for reading and studying. Colorful task lamps or decorative table lamps can add to the decor while being an essential accessory.

To make it easier to study, think about putting a desk in the room. The desk has plenty of work space with cubbies, drawers and a cabinet for storage. Use the drawers and cabinet to store things you don’t want visible, like scrap paper, computer ink and folders. Display things you want to show off in the cubbies. Dimensional artwork would look great hanging above the desk and work area. Driftwood and rope designs add a bohemian vibe, or hang surfboards or paper-mache shark teeth if you’re a beach lover. Decorative longboards or skateboards are another option, as well as other sport-themed metal artwork. Based on your hobbies and interests, there is bound to be artwork that’s apropos.

The tower bookcase pairs well with the desk and holds lots of books on the three shelves. A drawer at the bottom holds other items stowed out of the way. The bookcase has cord cutouts, which make it an ideal space for speakers and electronics. At PBteen, we have several colorful mini speakers with cute designs. Or you might prefer a compact camo Bluetooth type. The mini and compact sizes fit easily on the shelves and are decorative, so they make a nice addition.

Most importantly, be sure to put a dresser in the room for all of your clothes. The closet probably can’t hold them all. Six roomy drawers keep clothes neatly folded and organized. Hang a mirror over the dresser for getting ready, combing hair or putting on make-up. Mirrors are a necessity, but they accent the decor as well. These are not your builder grade types of mirrors, but elaborate, funky or bohemian depending on the style. Whatever you are in the mood for. A gypsy oval mirror with wings is exceptional and way out of the ordinary. One has shell shapes around the circular border, which would go with a beach theme. Gold edging makes a bold statement. Select whichever one suits your personality since it will be reflecting you.