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Sale Rugs & Windows

Rugs add a pleasing touch of comfort to any room without distracting from your overall decor theme, and the right curtains balance out the look while providing you with more privacy and cutting out just the right amount of light. Save money decorating your room or apartment with rugs and window dressings offered at sale prices. Get up on the right side of the bed each morning when your feet sink into the plush softness of a bedside area rug from our inventory at PBteen. These rugs come in colors and textures that complement any decor and, when you match your window dressings to your rugs, it looks terrific. Distribute the colors and textures throughout the room with matching bedding and throw pillows.

Hallways and entryways are also ideal places to spread out an area rug in front of a small stand or under a shelf that holds your keys or a basket of gloves and hats. A rug adds plenty of visual interest to a small space without distracting the eye from the rest of your decor like wall hangings or planters. If the area tends to be a bit dark, choose a light-colored rug to help brighten it. Add depth and warmth to an extra light toned space with darker rugs. To add personality and a playful air, choose a brightly colored rug or a piece with a bold pattern. Match the rug to furniture that is visible in the next room, or choose a color that complements the colors of a painting or poster on the wall.

Embellish the living room floor with a thick, soft rug on top of an underlayment pad to make it extra cushy when you want to lay on the floor and watch TV or sit in front of the screen to play video games. When you don’t want to sit directly on the floor, another option is to choose a brightly colored gaming chair that matches the rug or pick a seating option that matches the rest of the furniture in the room. Game chairs enhance your gaming experience because they rock quietly when placed on a rug and they move with you as you’re playing and they have headphone jacks so you can play without disturbing anyone else in the room.

While you’re in the living room, look at the window and choose curtains or drapes to hang on sturdy hardware that looks fabulous with the rest of your furnishings. If the room is bright or you like to nap during the daylight hours, try blackout drapes to darken the room. Alternatively, if the room tends to be darker than you like, choose light colored curtains that let the sun’s rays filter through. Make the room feel even brighter by displaying some mirrors around the room to catch and reflect the light. If the room is small, mirrors also help make a space challenged room seem larger.

Celebrate your eco-friendly lifestyle by choosing rugs crafted from natural fibers and recycled materials, and be sure to put a rug pad for extra safety under any area rug that does not come with nonskid backing. Vacuum your rug frequently to keep dirt from building up in the fibers, or take it outside and shake it off to knock dust out of it. If you’re putting any heavy furniture right on the rug, be sure to put rug protectors under the furniture legs. Many of our drapes are dry-clean only. However, to extend the time between professional cleanings, put an upholstery wand on your vacuum and let your sweeper pull loose dust out of the fabric.