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Window treatments can be soft and elegant or they can be thick and functional, offering you privacy and coverage without sacrificing style and aesthetics. If you’re in the mood to make a quick change for your room that’s easily affordable, a PBteen windows sale is a great way to add some bright colors or eclectic patterns, giving you the ability to completely personalize your space. Choose from a myriad of colors and styles to add both usefulness and elegance to your bedroom.

Your bedroom is also your sanctuary and should be the room you look forward to going to when you want to get away from it all, when you want to listen to music or when you need to study. The ability to match and complement curtains and bedding, or to choose your own rug styles, allows you to enjoy your space even more. Many of the sale window coverings available match other items within our pages and collections, allowing you to easily match decor or choose contrasting colors for a wild look.

Think about the type of coverage you’d like for your window shades. For example, a thick corduroy drape is not as thick as a blackout curtain, but provides you a wealth of privacy, especially when paired with other window treatments, such as blinds or valances. If you want an elegant, romantic and airy look, a sheer curtain is a good choice. White is perhaps the most popular shade, but there are also embroidered styles with stripes, dots and other patterns to add a bit of life to the curtain. If you want near-complete coverage, a Roman shade works well. This type of shade pulls down, allowing you to cover your entire window if you wish.

When you’re deciding on colors and patterns, take a look around your room to see what may pair well together. If you have a patterned, brightly-colored rug, you can stay within the same color family for an all-out bright look, or you can choose a neutral, solid color for your window shade to make it less of a focal point. Similarly, if you have a neutral-colored or subtle rug, you can add brightly colored bedding or window shades to complement the neutrality. Neutral shades, such as grays or off-whites, will add a touch of coolness to your decor, while neutral beiges and browns will bring an air of warmth to the room.

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