Teen Bookcases


At PBteen, we know that furniture makes all the difference when designing a space that helps you study or improves the storage capacity of your bedroom or lounge space. That’s why we’ve designed bookcases that can be used to store everything from desk accessories to books to maximize your study potential. Place a bookcase directly beside your desk and use the counter surface to store pen and pencil holders as well as trays to keep track of your assignments. Store your textbooks in the bookcase shelves so you can grab the resources you need easily or use it to keep your favorite novels when you need a break from studying.

Our bookcases are also suitable solutions for media storage so you can organize all of your video games and movies. Use the bookshelf to alphabetize movies and always know where to find your favorite feature films. Use the surface of the bookcase as a television stand. This is a way to save valuable floor space, and you don’t need to worry about complicated wall mounts. Match your bookcases to existing furniture in your lounge area or bedroom to create a cohesive look. If you have plenty of space, opt for a long bookcase or mix and match several units to create the ultimate media center. If you are short on space, choose a tall bookcase that increases vertical storage while opening up floor space.

Bookcases are also a terrific surface for adding table lamps that allow you to control lighting so you can watch a movie or work on a project. Table lamps are ideal for rooms that have dim lighting or no ceiling lights. These lamps allow you to move the light exactly where you need it. Pull out a textbook from your bookcase and consult specific sections using the table lamp, even if you are up late studying into the night. Add a simple table lamp or take style to the next level with bold shades and funky adjustable arms.

Increase the organizational factor of your bookcase by adding baskets and bins to the shelving to create catch-all spaces for all of your belongings. Use large baskets to store folded clothing or small bins to keep study tools, such as extra pencils and notebooks. Our bins and baskets are available in canvas as well as woven materials for the perfect look for your space. Mix and match patterns for a fun look or keep things simple with tan and cream woven baskets.

Bookcases also double as a way to display art and decor items, such as vases and sculptures. Make your desk the center of the scientific world by adding space-inspired decor, including mobiles and sculptures featuring the planets and stars. Add a professional design touch by displaying decor on various shelves or create asymmetrical looks. Lean beautiful works of art including original oil or watercolor pieces on top of your bookshelf for a carefree design look that is still stylish. Choose from abstract designs to inspire your inner artist or breathe fresh air into your space with natural art that features the ocean, meadows and mountains.

Short bookcases make ideal bedside tables so you can tackle a variety of tasks with one piece of furniture. Keep your favorite novel and beverage beside your bed for easy access when you want to enjoy a delightful story before turning in for the night. Use the bookcase to hold your cellphone and charge it overnight so you always have enough juice when you wake up and head off to school in the morning. Choose two matching bookcases for one on each side of the bed or create a stunning asymmetrical look that is best for smaller spaces.

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