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Locker Accessories

Locker Accessories

If your locker is command central for your school day, keeping it organized is crucial to your academic and social success. Locker accessories make it easy to keep your locker neat and orderly while also injecting all of the style and personality you want into this space. At PBteen, we understand that students lead busy lifestyles. This makes it all the more important to find fun where you can. When you make your school day a little more enjoyable, you can reach your goals and keep the process positive.

Most students have a myriad of assignments, projects and other activities to juggle each day. Keep everything straight with a handy dry-erase board, which you can mount on the inside of your locker door. You could use the dry-erase board to write yourself notes, jot down assignments or keep a calendar. These stylish boards come in a wide array of colors and patterns to fit your personality. You are sure to love the extra functionality as well, such as pockets for holding pencils and pens. How about decorating your locker space to make it shout your style? You could use wall decals to apply colors and patterns to the inside of your locker. These peel-and-stick surfaces look gorgeous, and you don’t have to worry about removing them when the school year ends because they come off easily.

When you want to make sure you look your best between classes, mounting a mirror pocket on the inside of your locker door takes care of this nicely. You can even tuck jewelry into the pockets to keep your bling handy when you want it. These mirror pockets come in many different colors and patterns so you can create a decorating style for your locker that matches your mood at the time. Whether it’s stripes, diamonds, florals or ombre colors, decorating your locker has never been so easy.

When you have an assortment of different school supplies or even phone and tablet accessories that you want to keep organized, essentials pockets are the ideal solution. These pockets mount quickly on the inside of your locker door, and they even feature motivational messages. Choose a color that complements your other locker accessories, and you’ll be stylishly organized in no time.

When your locker is overflowing with books and other supplies, a locker shelf can bring order to your chaos. You might even use a locker shelf to hold various desk accessories, such as pencil cups, divided trays and magazine caddies. Think outside the box to find new ways to utilize your locker to keep yourself productive.

Shedding light on the subject can never be a bad thing. Whether you prefer the clean lines of a pendant light with a colored shade or a locker chandelier is more your style, you can enjoy opening up your locker and switching this battery-powered light on to light up your space. You could even add a few picture frames to your locker to keep photos of your favorite people within frequent view.

How about adding a final touch of comfort with a plush locker rug? Placing a thick and vibrant square rug on the floor of your locker can make this space feel especially comfortable and cozy. Opening up your locker in the middle of a harried day at school could be just the thing to help you feel a little more centered and calm. With your accessories hanging on hooks, such as backpacks and rolling backpacks, you can find everything you need to get to your next class. Even though your days are packed with activities, you can keep a firm handle on everything when your locker is organized with beautiful locker accessories that combine style and order seamlessly.