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Teen Storage Sale

Whether you’re still living at home and going to your local high school, or you’ve just stepped out into a dorm or your first apartment for the first time, keeping your items organized and neat is a must. Having the right storage solutions allows you to store and stow a vast amount of your stuff in a small space. Think of the closet organization game as playing a game of Tetris or something similar – it feels great to ace the job and have everything in its proper place. When the budget is tight, having a teen storage sale is even better. Look throughout the sales pages on PBteen to find storage items and accessories that can tidy up everything from your jewelry to your shoes.

If you have a bed that has some height to it, the empty space underneath immediately becomes usable for storage. Look for canvas and wicker bins with included lids that slide easily right under your bed or in similar small spaces. This allows you to keep a lot of your items within reach, but stowed neatly away. Canvas and wicker bins also come in bigger sizes, allowing for seamless placement in or on cubbyholes or bookshelves or stacked in your closet. Plastic and metal storage bins are also available in a wide variety of colors and styles to complement your taste.

Perhaps floor space is an issue, and you don’t have a lot of room to fit an extra dresser or nightstand. A closet organizer is a simple solution when you need more room for folded clothing. Look for hanging sweater organizers that fit neatly on your closet floor and hang from the closet rod. With hanging shelf space to fit four to five dressers on each hanging shelf, you now have more room in your dresser or armoire. You may also want to consider hanging closet organizers for other items, such as shoes. If your closet is tight on space, the over-the-door organizers are a great option for shoes and other accessories. There are also dedicated hanging shoe racks that take up minimal space, and they easily hang from your closet rod. To maximize space within a drawer, consider a drawer organizer, allowing you to divide the drawer up into sections to fit rolled-up garments. You may also like hanging organizers that hang from the side of your bed or even your chair back, so you can maximize every available space.

When it comes to your desktop or the top of your vanity, look for beauty organizers, desktop organizers and adorable jewelry boxes to help keep the things you use daily right within reach and organized. From rolling carts you can wheel into the bathroom and back to your bedroom, to desktop organizers that provide room for pens, pencils and electronic cords, you can easily organize all of your space. Many jewelry organizers can also double as beauty organizers as well, depending on how you’d like to use them. Most of these desktop organizers can also be personalized and monogrammed, so you can make them unique and special.

Bookcases and shelving are also important parts of organization. Look for ladder shelving that you can also use as a drying or clothes rack, or unique and interesting shelving where you can display books, decorative objects, awards or other things of interest. From sports-related shelves to other motifs such as hearts or mountains, there are quite a few shelving options. For dirty laundry storage, consider a number of different types of hampers to stow soiled clothes. Whether you’re taking them home to mom or dad or simply to the basement laundry, these durable hampers easily carry all your laundry.

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