Teen Water Bottles + Lunch Essentials

Teen Food Containers

Have you ever wondered why meals and snacks are important when you’re at school or studying? Well, part of it has to do with keeping your stomach satisfied. When they’re full, most people feel happier. However, that’s not the only reason to chomp down on good food at lunchtime. Another benefit is it gives your brain a major boost. Studying burns calories, so eating something helps it keep working without getting tired. At PBteen, we want to make it easy for you to stay hydrated and energized all day long. Our teen food containers are one way to do that.

With food containers, it’s not hard to take homemade lunches to school. They hold your favorite foods and keep them fresh and ready to go. When it’s lunchtime, just pop off the top, grab your sandwich or a fork and dive in. Whether you make your own lunches or one of your parents prefers to do it – there’s nothing wrong with that since it saves you time – all you need to do in the morning is put the containers in your lunch bag or backpack and head out.

How can you pick a food container that’s right for your lifestyle? There are a couple of things that can help. First, think about the kinds of food you like to eat. If you prefer paninis or big sandwiches, a container with plenty of space is ideal. Smaller containers are awesome for dessert or snacks since they don’t take up much space to carry around in your backpack.

Many teen food containers are divided into compartments. They’re awesome for several reasons. First, for the sandwich-loving on-the-go student, compartments keep your lunch really tasty. How? Well, instead of putting the whole sandwich together at home – where tomatoes and lettuce can make your bread soggy – you can keep the tomatoes on the side and finish your culinary masterpiece on the spot at school. Everything stays crispy, juicy and delicious.

Compartments also make it easy to pack pretty much anything for lunch. If you’re having pasta salad, that’s no problem, either. Salads with cooked chicken and your choice of dressing on the side, fruit, muffins, veggies, cheese and sandwiches can all exist together but separately. They stay ready for lunch but don’t make any kind of mess. Most importantly, you get to put together any kind of menu you want.

What kind of food is good for lunch is strictly a personal decision. One tip is to pack the things you like. That makes you look forward to lunchtime, and you have fun eating with your friends. Less stress and more relaxation are terrific your body and you feel good when heading back to class.

This doesn’t apply just to school, of course. Your brain burns through many calories when studying at home too. Taking a break to stretch your legs and make a sandwich or drink something pays off big time. If you’re in a hurry, having a mini fridge in your room lets you grab snacks without leaving your desk.

There’s a reason that nutrition experts recommend eating fruits and vegetables too. They have tons of vitamins and components that keep you healthy and then some. In fact, eating fresh foods even helps you in school. It improves your level of concentration, problem-solving, imagination and creativity. It also improves your muscle tone and keeps you from getting tired. Drinking lots of water or juice also contributes to this as well. Protein – found in meat, cheese, milk and nuts – is necessary for your body too.

What about things like pizza and chocolate? Are they OK to eat? That’s totally up to you. Chocolate gives you a burst of energy and puts a big smile on your face. Pizza can have lots of carbohydrates, which helps if you’re going to physical education class. One thing to keep in mind though: candy has a weird effect on your energy level. It goes up extremely high and then crashes afterward. That can make you sleepy. You know your body the best, so choose things that make you feel your best.

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