Coffee Polyester Furniture

  • Dorm Sticker Trunk, White
    This triple-threat trunk gives you storage, extra seating and a lounge table in one. It’s built with a sturdy base, a hardwood interior and a new exterior that lets you apply, remove and reapply stickers, decals and more. HOW IT'S CONSTRUCTED Built with a plywood base and hardwood interior. Exterior is made of vinyl coated polyester with a hardwood interior. Very easy installation allows you to easily add or remove the 200-pound-rated wheels; making the trunk mobile and easy to move from room to room. The wheels do not add extra height to the trunk nor do they hinder stacking the trunk. KEY PRODUCT POINTS Features crush-resistant corners and leather handles. Includes a magnetic closure and a loop for your own pad lock (not included). Made in the USA. Trunk: 32" wide x 18" deep x 14" high
    $25 $229